Scrolling upwards slowly in transaction list drops back to the "list of pots" page


Details to reproduce:

  1. Open the app and go to the main current account list of transactions (aka. the default view.)
  2. Scroll back (downwards) a few weeks
  3. Now start scrolling upwards SLOWLY (imagine you’re trying to remember the name of a shop you went in around that time so you’re reading every line carefully as it scrolls into view.)

Expected behaviour: I should be able to scroll up slowly as I hunt through the transactions.

Actual: This action triggers the “pull down” behaviour which snaps you out of the transaction list and goes to the pots list. even if you manage to cancel the gesture, it’s returned you to the top of the transaction list.


The “pull down” gesture should only trigger if either 1. you begin the gesture from the pull handle at the top of the transaction list OR 2. the list is already scrolled to the very top.

OS: iOS 14.6
Device: iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB
App Version: 3.86.0 #747

I hadn’t realised this before, and now that I have, it won’t stop doing it :joy:. I was able to reproduce it too, for what it’s worth.

Edit: to add more info, 12 Pro Max, running production 3.86.0 on iOS 15 (beta 1)


For the very little it is worth, this does not seem to affect the Android version

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I checked my Android 3.86.1 and didn’t notice that kind of error :smirk::white_check_mark:

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Took a couple of attempts but I just managed to replicate it. The scroll back up was slooooow and then PING back at the top.


Glad to get some confirms :slight_smile: Tbh it’s a funny combination of interactions even if it works right.

Why does android never get any of the bugs! :sob:

Just tested and replicated the bug reported; iPhone 12 Pro, iOS 14.6, app version 3.86.0 #747


Confirmed this does not happen on Android 12 beta 2, Monzo beta 3.87.0 - the upward slow scrolling action continues to scroll slowly upwards as expected.

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It just works