[Android/iOS] Inconsistent tab behaviour

Not sure if this should fall under bugs or feedback category.

When you scroll down your transaction list on home tab, then press the home tab icon again, it scrolls back to the top (the “start”) - I would say this is expected behaviour. The same is also true on the Payments tab.

However, on summary tab, if you do the same, pressing the summary tab icon again doesn’t scroll back to the top, but rather jerkily scrolls back up a couple of millimetres each time you press the icon.

Likewise, on the help tab, the expected behaviour doesn’t happen, but unlike summary, nothing happens at all when you press the help icon again.

On the account tab, again pressing the account tab icon does absolutely nothing, but I feel it should take you back to the main acc screen if you have e.g. been scrolling through your pots etc.

I hope this can be addressed to make the behaviour more uniform :blush:

**Details to reproduce: scroll down summary tab, then repeatedly press summary tab icon.
**OS: iOS 12.1.2
**Device: iPhone X
**App Version: 2.28.0

Difficult one to screenshot :-/


Well now I feel dumb for switching to a different tab and back again whenever I wanted to go back to the top… :joy:

Also, on Android the help tab doesn’t scroll back to the top when tapped while on the page. All others do though.


I hope inconsistencies like these are addressed soon. Would really help with making the app feel polished :blush:

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