[Android] Transaction search jumps back to top when leaving transaction

When searching for transactions, for example AXA in my case so that I could add #'s to my car insurance and change some of the transactions that had just been categorised as “general” rather than “bills”.

I worked up the list in my case, but each time I exit a transaction after adding my hashtags and correcting the category, I get taken back to the list of search results but immediately jump back the the very top of the list, which is frustrating since I have alot of these transactions and it’s difficult to see which transaction was my last.

Details to reproduce:

  • Hit the magnifying glass from the main screen and search for something that you have multiple transactions of
  • scroll to a transaction lower down the list and click it to go in to that transaction
  • exit the transaction and be taken back to the top of the list of search results
    OS: Android
    Device: OnePlus 3T
    App Version: 2.42.0

Screenshots: N/A

I remember this from when I was on Android last year - it’s unbelievably frustrating.

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