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Hey I’m new to android so got a question

On WhatsApp I can make it so every photo I receive downloads to the phones storage no problem

However I want to be able to manually download certain photos people send me but not all of them. Is that possible? The closest i get is getting a blurred image which I can manually download however as its blurred I don’t know what the photo is until its downloaded to the storage .

No experience with WhatsApp or android, but there is a standardised systemwide method of doing this on iOS regardless of app, and that is to simply tap and hold on the image and tap save to camera roll.

After asking my Android using sibling, the same functionality exists on Android too.

So the solution to your issue is to simply tap and hold on the photo you wish to save and you should see a pop up menu with an option to save it.

ETA, on Samsung devices you don’t get a save option, instead you have to tap share to open up the share sheet, and you should have an option to save the photos there.

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Yeah I saw that, if I click upload to photos it takes me to Google drive

From what I can see, saving to google drive is probably your next best option.

I’m not familiar enough with android to help further I’m afraid. I have no idea how it handles photo management.

You ask a reasonable question that should be straightforward to achieve, but usually isn’t on android from the bits I’ve seen, which is why I’ve steered clear.

Hopefully saving to Google’s drive works for you, but if not, perhaps someone with more knowledge can help. I did a brief google but that only pointed me towards the WhatsApp settings option which aren’t what you’re wanting to use.

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WhatsApp downloads them no matter what, as you’ve discovered you can manually download them but that blurs out the image so you still have to click it to see what it is which then downloads it’s.

That’s how the apps programmed to work


Fair enough thanks :+1:t2:

Try turning off download? You should then be able to manually trigger any you want

Not able to test it myself, but give it a go

That’s what he’s already done, doesn’t like it as it blurs the image out and you still have to click it to see what it is which then triggers the download


Ah right, gotcha

So OP wants a better preview with downloading? Doesn’t seem like a thing that’s supported, as you say above