What's your talent/superpower?

(Emily) #1

If Monzo hosted a community talent show, what would your talent/superpower be (big or small)?

Perhaps you can juggle 10 knives (please don’t try this at home), or you’re just pretty good at making the best spaghetti bolognese :spaghetti:?

I’ll kick things off with… I can turn any song into a Monzo-themed anthem. Just ask @Jim1701 :musical_note:

(Brenda Wong) #2

Literally. Yesterday’s ‘A Whole New World’ tweet was next level. :joy:

I don’t have any secret talents but I could live-tweet it?

(Nick Slade) #3

I have the amazing ability to make my fiance go from being in a really good mood to a terrible one in a matter of minutes :joy:

I can also eat an entire Eton mess (which serves 4) in one sitting

(Jack) #4

This is a really hard question to answer, sometimes it’s best answered by the people who are close to you

(Emily) #5

You’re right… I’ve just done a project on this very discussion and it was really difficult. It took us 2 weekends to finally be comfortable saying what we’re good at.

Any ideas of what you think your friends would say your superpowers are, Jack? :thinking:

(Emily) #6

@Slicknade I’d pay good money to see that. Definitely worthy of a slot in a talent show… :strawberry:

(James Amey) #7


My talent is taking meme templates and making Monzo related memes.

Also trying to fix electronics and ending up breaking them more.

(Will flag Danny for cake) #8

If someone could post the acceptable answer for Monzo job applications that would be great…

(Nick Slade) #9

Show me what you can do :wink:


(James Amey) #10



E :clap: M :clap: O :clap: J :clap: I :clap:


mine is naps. I am so good at them.

f’real I’m not sure.


I am the best bad singer who does the campers dancing whilst at my desk in work, forget where I am sometimes with my headphones on, until notice people laughing ! Least I keep them entertained!!

(Jack) #14

I’d imagine they say I’m organised and helpful, maybe that can be some sort of superpower :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

Won’t stop talking could be another :sweat_smile:

(Andre Borie) #15

I can spend my entire pay check in a day.

I can also somehow survive on an empty Monzo for the rest of the month and still feed my cat.

Does that count? :joy::joy:


& Deliveroo


(Dawid) #17

Tap dancing or alternatively salsa : )

(Emily) #18

@Dawid That’s really cool! How long have you done that for? Definitely one for a talent show :tada:

(Emily) #19

@Rjevski Any talent that involves cats definitely counts! You can just bring your cat to the talent show, feed it & we’ll all cheer :cat:

(Emily) #20

You and me both! I’m a more-than-frequent office dancer. It’s a sign you’re happy & enjoying your job though, right? Can only be a good thing :thinking: