What's your talent/superpower?

I worked in a cocktail bar for a few years and still have a few tricks and flares on me :stuck_out_tongue:
Superpower is sprucing up office parties!

[awaits for a job offer]


My feet are a foot long exactly and perfect for measuring rooms.
My hands are also a hand. So if you want your horse measured, I’m your man.


I started in 2014, it was my birthday present to myself to finally commit to dancing and I chose tap. I have had a bit of hiatus since I am not in the UK but I always bring my tap shoes wherever I travel : )

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Actually just laughed on the bus to work, I did not expect such a simple yet practical “superpower”!

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Also a master at the first one… :confused:

You can have a full conversation with me while I sleep…my Mrs recorded me having a chat about popcorn.


@stevemind That’s brilliant :joy: I’d love to know what you were saying about popcorn…


And you can jump into the sea from a lighthouse!


My superpower? I can bore anyone about fintech for days!


That’s cool! Sounds like we need to give you a solid two hour slot in the show.

Recite the fintech encyclopedia! :bulb:

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My most productive super power is the ability to stand next to someone and resolve their IT issues without actually doing anything. More often than not when i come over and a colleague goes though the issue, whatever their trying to do will just work when i’m there.

This has happened multiple times now, so I randomly get calls “asking for my presence as it will fix everything!” :joy:

I can also drink a lot of tea. I’ll often be on my 3rd cup by 9am!


This is me, when one of my family members has an issue and I drive 15 minutes to go resolve it for them…

I hope they make you a good cuppa tea, or coffee!

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My superpower is somehow being able to have at least one disastrous/funny work related incident per year (since working in IT)

These include:

  • Setting Fire to a toaster, culminating in the evacuation of my work site and the Fire Brigade having to come out.
  • Accidentally sending an e-mail to several members of the Finance team to “f***ing work” when trying to fix a display issue. Turns out when you post a comment on the particular section the user was struggling to see, it sent an automated email of said update to the team (I had been working at this place for about 6 weeks at this point)
  • Sent out spam mail to the entire company after my e-mails were phished about 2 months prior.
  • Disabled all the IP Phones, and therefore the internet, at Head Office by accidentally patching in a cable under a particularly messy desk which caused a loop in the network.

The last two incidents took place on the same day, before lunch. I stayed behind my desk for the rest of the day.

Oh I also make a killer Sunday Roast :slight_smile: