What's your Mondo user number?

If you go to your Profile, you can now see which user number you are :slight_smile: New Mondo Update: Touch ID, Profile Editing and More

I’m #6! :tada:


Damn. #6 is the best I’ve seen so far… I assume most likely @jonas is #1?

I’m #281. :smiley:

Well … I’m #11 but not by choice!

When we got in the first pavement testing cards in October last year we were all super excited. We conducted various tests on 10 cards and then got our first production batch of cards.

Activating the card and connecting it to the Mondo app prototype was still quite a bit of manual faff and we did the first batch one by one. Needless to say, the office was abuzz and it was all very exciting.

To make sure not just the engineers got to be a part of the excitement, @leah came up with a random order in which people in the office would receive their Mondo cards and app.

Unfortunately some people on the engineering team (cough cough) went ahead and activated their card first! So if anyone comes forward with a really low number, you know why :wink:


the hunt is on for number 1 in the Mondo team then :wink:

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Lol it’s actually 14313 says the app


Assuming @tom is #1 in the same way Tom was my first friend on MySpace.

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I’ll just leave this here… :crown:


Mine is #7517, hope that I am still a special user :joy::sweat_smile:


Just slipped into first 10,000 with #9965.

12851 :frowning: surprised I’m so high, I didn’t think that many cards had been issued!



I came to the party fashionably late, however I will be the lowest amoungst my friends which is good enough for me. Once the see the potential in :mondo: they will soon come flocking and then realise I saw it all before them!!


I’m #3644. Happy to be in the first 5,000.

Just realised, there was ~30,000+ people ahead of me in the queue. Maybe more, can’t remember exactly and I don’t have the screenshots on my phone now. Even more surprised to be a relatively low number.

Most I expect never bothered to make that initial top up. That’s the only thing I can think of :thinking:

I’m #257, I got my card in early December

It’s a fair assumption. I paused for a couple of days to do more reading on Mondo. Don’t regret getting the card at all though.

I don’t think any sane person would regret it to be perfectly honest. With pretty much no fees, it’s a wonder where and how the whole thing is funded…

Currently it isn’t funded (as far as I’m aware). Once Mondo becomes a full bank they plan to make money by offering overdrafts and investing deposits.

Not far ahead of me at #26693

The prepaid program is funded by our kind investors (including loads of people on this forum that invested in our crowdfunding round! thank you!) and does indeed lose money. We consider this to be a customer acquisition cost for our current account product that we will release once we’re a bank. At that point we will be able to lend money at a profit :slight_smile:

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