Sept 2019 Poll: How many contacts do you have in your Monzo With Friends? ๐ŸŽˆ

Some of you might remember that we ran this poll all the way back in May 2018.

At that time, 76% of you had 10 or less friends using Monzo. You might have noticed that in todayโ€™s blog about us reaching 3 million, the average Monzo customer now has 21.5 contacts using Monzo, which is pretty incredible to think about!

So, I figured we should run the poll again to see how yโ€™all here on the forum stack up against the average customer! :blush:

  • 0-5
  • 6-10
  • 11-20
  • 21-30
  • 31-50
  • More than 50!

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Just had a tally and my number is 78! :exploding_head:

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There should be an easier way of looking it up! (31, BTW)

I think Simonโ€™s account has been hacked by Facebook Data Harvesting and Cambridge Analytica. Heโ€™ll be after your date of birth next! Who do we contact!? :eyes::rofl:


I got confused trying to look at the contacts but eventually figured out what was going on.

I have 7 but in comparison to how many people I have in contacts thatโ€™s a reasonably high number. I assume it only shows personal accounts?

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27 contacts! I bet I know a fair chunk more at work too.

Do they count if theyโ€™re colleagues I only happen to have the numbers of because of socials? :thinking:


Iโ€™m in the Billy No Mates club!


52 for me!



72 :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah but youโ€™re staff so will have a far higher than average count :wink:

8 contacts but only 4 of those are friends.

1 if I remember right but I donโ€™t allow Monzo access to my contacts.

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It would be interesting to correlate this poll with the location of each respondent. My sense is that those living in London will tend to have more friends on Monzo.

Conversely, one of my friends lives in Swansea, and says he still gets comments about the hot coral colour of his card when he uses it, which suggests there are far fewer there.

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29 for me!

I got bored of counting but itโ€™s around 90 I think, lol. Think that tells me I need a phone book clear out :joy:

Edit; curiosity got meโ€ฆ itโ€™s 110 :joy::joy::joy:


Only one!

I have friends who wonโ€™t even use online banking, let alone an app. :relieved:


31โ€ฆ and yet not a single person Iโ€™ve ever needed to exchange money with :laughing: