What's your favourite tech startup?

I feel like we have a lot of early adopters here.

So… favorite non-Monzo tech startup? Doesn’t have to be fintech!


What do you consider a startup these days?

There were a couple of chaps who made some computer type stuff in a garage in the 70’s… Think they were both called Steve.

I predict good things :wink:


Transferwise. I’ve been using them for years now. When I needed a printed statement to declare where my funds come from, they said: wow you’ve been with us some time now!


Oh, almost forgot. Echo to get meds delivered and order using their app. I’m hoping to try soon “GP at hand”. It is powered by Babylon and it delivers GP services using their app (video call).


Very broad question. Tech sector is huge, includes all sorts of sub-categories IMO

I would say overall my favourite startup has to be Google. They literally changed the world.


If you can still call them a Startup, I’m a massive fan of OnePlus. They’ve come a long way in 5 years or so, and their hardware is top-notch. Great price - I’d agree it’s the best sub-£500 phone you can buy.


GitHub - for providing a free platform for open source projects to host their source code and providing the developers to collaborate on open source projects.

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That looks ace, shame my GP doesn’t seem to be on it.

Finally received a Ding doorbell after a long kickstarter wait. It’s a simple doorbell that has a chime to plug in at home and an app for notifications/calls.

Bink is looking promising for loyalty schemes. There’s an interview with their CEO in the Breaking Banks podcast.


My neighbour just received this! Can’t seem to get it to work with his Android phone though…

That design is basically a carbon copy of the nest hello. Lucky google isn’t litigious…

And one letter different from Ring :stuck_out_tongue:

Plum has revolutionised savings for me. You save without thinking about it , and now it’s turning it’s hand to revolutionising stocks and shares investing.

Although they haven’t officially launched yet, I’m a big fan of what Freetrade ( this link will help my position in the queue :wink: ) are trying to do in Europe with simple, zero-fee investing.


@grant.macgregor fair point, I edited the post. Not a big deal, as I’m high on the list even before sharing the link :slightly_smiling_face: but every little helps.

WeWork, if it can be called tech or even start up. Pricey but if you need an office for a short period, it can’t be beaten.

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I like the idea of Bink, but I just don’t understand what it does today.

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I’m voting for WeWork for when we move offices at the end of the summer.

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Yeah it doesn’t fully work… yet. The podcast I linked has their CEO explain their plans pretty well. I believe it’s going to work similar to the way Curve does, i.e. they “listen” for transactions on the card network and link it to your loyalty schemes.

The main useful thing it does right now is convert your points balance into £

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I’m not sure your GP needs to be in on it. I phoned up last night and they just ask for your GP address to send the notes to. It’s no different to seeing an emergency GP if you’re away from home. It does require pharmacies to sign up though so you may not be able to select your usual one. I was hoping to use Asda Pharmacy last night but all the ones it listed were already closed.

Really recommend it though. It was cheaper than PushDoctor and so much easier than tracking down a GP in the usual way.

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i really like dakboard

and i bought on kickstarter one of these


in the finance world it has to be Monzo combined with Emma