Barclaycard blowing other Fintechs out of the water

Just received an email from Barclaycard.

Subject: Something shiny and new is on the way to you

Colour me intrigued! I read on…

There’s a brand new Barclaycard blazing a trail to your doormat, with one simple mission …

Something new from Barclaycard? OMG I am excited now! What innovation have they come up with? Monzo will SO be on the back foot once they hear of this!!

… to replace your current card when it expires at the end of September.

Oh. Well. That was a bit of a damp squib after all that build-up!

Thank you Monzo for making me expect innovation from my financial providers. You’ve ruined me for every other bank, now! :rofl:



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Haha. At least they let you know/remind you. Halifax one appeared over a week too late for me. :no_mouth:

To be fair I hadn’t used it for months so it wasn’t a big deal.

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Not sure how useful this would be…

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As more services move from branch based to online/call centre… I could imagine very useful.

Great idea! More banks need to implement this.

Maybe even Monzo :wink: although I suppose they would contact you vis in app chat.

Could Monzo not just do this by allowing the app to add the Monzo number as a contact on your phone? Or this not work with spoof calls?

Really not a fan of Barlaycard. I got one by default when they bought Egg back in the day. Used it for the cashback but got fed up with their attempts to go rogue and not support Android Pay.

When I called up to cancel because of this the rep tried to sell me on their Barclaycard contactless app. Totally missed the point that the card needs to work for me, not me work for them.

Wouldn’t work with spoof calls. It’s really easy to fake what number your dialling out from :cry:

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The proper way of doing this is to bypass the insecure telephone network by doing VoIP through the banking app directly.

This solves both caller ID spoofing as well as someone listening in on the conversation (which the current solution still doesn’t protect against).


Barclycard… I received my new credit card month after my card expired…
But their apps Barclaycard and Barclays really good