Monzo plus, hmmm plum anyone

Well that was a nice kick in the teeth.

Just recieved an email from Plum who I incidentally signed up to a while back to see what was what (did chip to at the time) I used them briefly to review them and decided I’d just budget better etc etc.

Anyway onto the email, it was an update from the CEO about the company timeline past to now and the future about how they’re wanting to grow etc, a few new features have been rolled out, low and behold you can now view all your accounts under one roof and they pay interest no mention of fees so I’m assuming for the time being it’s on the free account.

Kick in the balls when you sign up to Monzo plus 5 days earlier. (Keeping monzo plus for know as I like having the info in the same app).
I Won’t be using the offers at current as they’re of zero use to me at all. So it was the fscs protection, the nice shiny new card, viewing 80% of my accounts under one roof, interest sort of and possible future releases that I signed up for for a fee of course.

To have fscs protection, interest and the same account view for nowt seems quite disappointing sat on the other side right now.

Thoughts as always good and bad.

Missed this at the bottom, sounds interesting.

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Not really when you can cancel within 14 days if you really prefer this over Plus?


There’s no detail there, so I’m reserving judgement. It’s all well and good claiming you’ll be doing something, but coming up with the goods is a whole other subject. Let’s see if any of the more interesting features come available.

Frankly I find Plum’s constant “iOS first, Android last”, approach to be quite grating, as a Plum user. Having things announced and then finding out you’re automatically at the back of the queue is not the best. Build them for both and release at the same time. Monzo have quite rightly been slated for this in the past, as it just creates ill feeling.



Oh, and I don’t see this (accounts in one place) as a competitor to the facility provided by Monzo. I go into Plum once or twice a month, it’s a long-term savings thing after all, whereas I am in Monzo daily.

Was more figure of speech, but as I say monzo offering a paid version someone brings out a free version days later, undercut style, especially as a lot of apps support open banking now.

I have multiple finance apps that i use so it’s just me pointing something out.

If you only wanted the plus for the interest and the ability to view your accounts under one roof the keep monzo standard and use plum.

Agreed was one of the reasons I don’t use it was the irritating android app, was some time ago so may be updated now.

Again very speculative, nevertheless if it’s possible then it’s going to be quite interesting for them in the future.

It won’t have been. :frowning_face:

Really lol that’s pretty poor lol. Ah well until I go back to Apple Il keep clear.

There are already many money management apps that do a good job of showing you all your accounts under one roof for free - just mentioning as its a bit unclear if you’re already aware of that or if you find Plum’s offering groundbreaking.

What’s more interesting, I think, about Plum doing it is it has the potential to improve the quality of their auto-saving.

As already mentioned I have numerous apps and software which I’ve dabbled with or use, both out of interest and to actually use.

Not groundbreaking, on par, with several others just pointing out monzo need to come up with something good in the pipeline to keep above the par.

Barclays, nationwide, think Lloyds offered it revolut, can’t remember if monese did but hey ho, sure more do but theses are my personal use accounts, Emma, Yolt, moneydashboard etc.

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revolut do give the option to withdraw funds from another account to your revolut account through open banking now

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