[Poll] Help name our Fintech Start-up!

Hi everyone,

We’d like your help!

Myself and a couple of friends are setting out to build a new kind of budgeting app, and we’d love your help naming it.

The idea for the app is something that helps people ‘cut the fat’ from their spending and save up more. We envisage it doing this by offering very personalised, and advanced spending analytics, to help people keep on top of the ‘little things’, and by linking this closely back to savings goals. We see this being something like a trusted friend or advisor (although not a bot), who helps you keep a tight watch on your spending, and make better trade-offs between day to day spending and longer term savings.

There are 3 of us at the moment (myself, developer and designer) and we are going to build out the MVP over the next couple of months. As long-time Monzo fans and users (I’ve been a user since the Beta days) we see Monzo as the first place we would like to integrate with. So far we have built a test integration to the Monzo dev API, a few front-end prototypes, and are super busy right now conducting tonnes of user research to deeply understand how people manage their money and save.

However we are undecided on the name, so we thought it would be fun to put it to the Monzo community to choose! I promise that whichever name gets the most votes here will become our real company and app name henceforth, forever!

Here are the options, thanks!

  • Palu
  • Alvie
  • Ledga

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Call it PreeBudget :eyes:


Names made using the initials of the core people has worked in the past (see Emma), would that be possible?

Out of those 3 the only one I could pick would be Alvie, because the other two confuse me about how they should be pronounced - is it Led Ga or Ledger spelled weird? Paloo or Palyou? See what I mean?

Are these three set in stone or would you welcome suggestions?

As the post above mentions I probably wouldn’t use any of them as they are little bit confusing on how to pronounce.
If I have to pick one it would be the first option. But personally I’d be looking at other suggestions :slight_smile:

EDIT: not sure if you are aware that your poll is actually closed :lock:

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Good luck! Nice to see people entering this space. There’s a lot of opportunity for services that can make people more aware of their finances, how they can change them, and what the result will be.

Those three names are not great though. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Nice idea, doesn’t work so well with our names unfortunately! Thanks for the feedback, I get what you mean (the poll is open now btw if you want to vote!)

Think I’d like to see how the poll goes with these three - maybe if no-one likes any of them though we’ll be open to some suggestions!

Ta, opened it now!

I’ve voted, because I wanted to contribute my little part…

However, if you were open to suggestions, perhaps you should add another option of “other” on the poll?

Of those options I voted for Alvie.

To those being slightly critical of the options - if you’d seen Mondo/Monzo in a poll for bank names, would you have been inclined to vote for it? I suspect I wouldn’t have :grinning:


Unfortunately it’s not possible to add options to a poll in Discourse once people have voted on it but since there’s relatively few votes, they could start from scratch & create another..

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Me neither :grin: I don’t think names really matter when it comes to what ‘sounds good’, you give the name meaning, not the other way around.


I went for Ledga, which I imagine to be gangsta accountant…


Definitely agree!

I see Ledga is getting a boost now @Tom-H!

It’s all about that imagery :joy:… I hope you have an epic logo to back it up when it wins!

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Haha. That’s some stand-out imagery for sure!

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@tbutz @Jackcrwhitney @nickh btw I appreciate what you were saying about having an other option, in hindsight I maybe should have put a ‘none of the above’ option - its a valid insight for sure if people really don’t like any of them. We’ve been debating these 3 names for a few weeks now, and there’s a bit of back story to some of them, so guess we’re just a bit attached to those particular 3! But yeah appreciate your feedback there

Given like 35+ people have voted I’m assuming not everyone hates all of the options, so think its best to respect the votes so far, let it run and see what happens!


I’d go with Budgie.

On the subject of naming companies, ultimately it doesn’t really matter if the name is meaningless- it’s more about how you support it. Of the top ten brands in the world, only AT&T, Microsoft, Coca Cola and Facebook really give you a clue as to what they sell, and even then, you’d need to know what AT&T stands for!


American Telephone and Telegraph Company :eyes: :roll_eyes:


Indeed. The “C” must be invisible …

AT&T is what they are known as but they are actually called AT&T Communications or AT&T Corporation

Company is what they first started out as.