Fintech Brainfood: 9th August 2020

I’ve just stumbled across this interesting newsletter on all things Fintech:

This edition focuses on a few areas, including Monzo unit economics and reproduces an interesting infographic:

Some interesting analysis: basically big banks would kill for Monzo’s cost base. Don’t write them off yet: if they can monetise their user base then “they’ll put a decent dent in the universe”.

Other things that caught my eye:

  • Integrated Finance - Manage all the fintech APIs in one dashboard. This made me think of Project Imagine / Dozens (but there’s nowhere I can see on their forum to discuss fintech stuff / business strategy more generally @rob_dozens).

  • Google launches a bank account style product called "Cache" :dollar: No certainty this’ll come to the UK, but I think that building societies and smaller banks might jump at this opportunity. (I’ve been saying that Monzo should do something similar but I’m just a madman on the internet so no one listens to me).


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