What's The Job Market Like?

So I was sectioned for 4 years and i’m much better now but not ready for part time or full time. Im doing volunteer work twice a week and love it.

Obviously in the future i’ll need to get back to work again, and would start at a max of 16 hours per week. I’d be looking to do mornings preferably as i like time to myself in the evening.

Is there many part time jobs out there ?

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Depends which industry?

It all depends what you want to do and what is your skill set.

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Anything which doesn’t involve numbers lol.
Warehouse operative, data input, manual labour etc

I have A Levels

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Why not explore more skilled opportunities?

I live in a small town with very little prospects and only have a bus pass which makes it difficult to get anywhere. So it would be a matter of getting what im given at first

I’d like to start with something simple


Happy for you that you are ready and looking to get back into work :slightly_smiling_face:

A lot of chains only really accept applications online, whereas more local shops will often take printed CVs in person. Some will take both, and why not do both to give twice the chance of being seen :wink: If you’re looking outside of the high street then searching online or asking people you know can find what sort of things exist around you.

It can be tedious to fill in applications online, but does work. Mentally prepare yourself for filling in lots but rarely hearing back, as the automated nature of the process means they often don’t respond. If you haven’t heard back after a while there is no harm in applying again.

If you do hand one in in person try to find a quieter time, so that you can ask to speak to a manager or supervisor, introduce yourself, and give it to them personally. That way you can leave a good impression and they are more likely to take time to read your CV.

You can go directly to things you know exist, or use sites like indeed, or talk to recruitment agencies who look for you. It sounds like you have a good approach, starting with something simple to build your experience back up, then see what you would like to do next.

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The job market is not too and to be honest. I’m 20 and have had no significant trouble getting a job.

Most companies may ask about the gap in employment, you would just need to be comfortable with informing them or maybe just vaguely saying “I was in hospital” would be fine.

Places like Tesco have night shifts and you could stack shelves for two nights a week at 8 hours each night.

You have pubs and bars that probably just want people at night? Not to sure what is actually around but when I was looking for a job after quitting my old one last year I didn’t have any trouble.


Can’t be doing nights as my meds put me to sleep after I take them. We are in the process of getting them slowly reduced so that i can function properly.

Thanks for the replies guys :slight_smile:

Are you in a work focused group for ESA? You should have an advisor there who can tell you if there are any schemes which could help or courses to improve your skills. I did one to update my computer qualifications and had a work placement which helped get up to date references

Support Group at the moment.

This can change at any time though as i have yearly assessments

Next time you have an appointment ask what they can do for you :grin:

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Good luck, it’s nice that you are looking towards the future and making things happen for yourself. How about maybe setting up something on your own as a side project? Perhaps selling/making and selling items? Start small and then build from there. You’ll be able to work the hours you like when you like and be your own boss. Obviously a lot of effort will need to go into it but maybe it’ll be fruitful. Best of luck! :star_struck:

What is your volunteer role? If you’re enjoying it, maybe you can find something similar through them or contacts they have. That would be my first port of call.

Decent employers will count your volunteering as experience too…

You probably best to register with a few agencies to be honest :+1: