Getting a job?

Currently work in a charity shop twice a week for a total of 3 hours each week
They have advertised they have part time work, 7 hours per week available so I’ve applied online and completed the situational questionnaire

I haven’t worked in years due to being section so I don’t know what the low down with jobs is nowadays

Do you think I’d have a chance of getting the job?
The negative is that if they have me working there for free (voluntarily) there’s no incentive for them to pay me.
However on the positive side. They can trust me and know about me as I’ve worked there volunteering for half a year. I also know the system of the shop fairly well

The charity shops here regularly take on volunteers as paid members of staff, they can always get more volunteers and you know what you’re doing

As long as your attendance is very good and you’re a good worker your chances are as good as anyone else’s


Its difficult to say if you get on well with them all then maybe you stand more of a chance.
Honestly dont underestimate soft skills, ability to talk to people etc. sometimes the perfect candidate doesnt fit the team. Best of luck, please let us know of the outcome.


Which counts for a lot.

Good Luck.


Also, they may be expecting you to apply. And, what’s the worst that can happen? They might say no? You’ll be be exactly in the position you are right now.