Getting A Job

Looking for part-time work as I currently volunteer.
So i’m making my CV and wondering whether most employers will actually contact the referee’s listed on the CV ?


I wouldn’t put references in my CV. They’re typically called at or around the offer-making stage, so provide them then. As a referee, I wouldn’t want a hundred employers calling me because you applied to a hundred different places.


Agreed. Just put “References available on request”, if anything.


Depends on your field. As a teacher, references are contacted before interview.

I put available on request on my CV and then bring a page with them on to the interview in case they ask then.

Generally here it’s all application forms where they ask you to put them on during application but they don’t contact them until you’ve been offered the job

Thanks guys.
I put " References Available Upon Request " :slight_smile:

You generally don’t need to, it’s a waste of space as companies know they can ask for references. Only time I might expect to see it is if you genuinely can’t fill one side of A4.


Its incredibly rare for references to be called upon. I recently been offered a role with Expedia group and they haven’t asked for references either. Though it is up to the employer if they want to do that, so it’s always best to leave “on request” on your cv. Best of luck anyways.

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It’s implied, which is why I mention not having it. It gives you room to put more important information on your cv rather than redundant information. If a company does want a reference they’ll ask regardless if it’s on your cv or not.

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You’re right, however, I always stick in in the footer somewhere as it’s one of those things that seems to be part and parcel of a CV.

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For young people, with very limited experience, “references available upon request” might hint at character references from teachers/academics.

I agree, for anyone who’s been in work a while, it’s implied/expected that references will be available.

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Yes, if you’ve limited experience and not a lot to put on your cv it doesn’t hurt, maybe if your applying to small businesses for a part time job or something like that it lets them know they can ask this where they might not realise.

As soon as it’s using up space you could better use, get rid of it. No one cares so it quickly becomes a waste of space and redundant.

It’s same for things like high school education, if you have a degree no one cares what you did in high school it very quickly becomes useless information.

There’s sometimes an exception maybe if it’s being specifically asked for, but 99% of the time no one wants to know.

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I’ve never had it on my CV and never been for them, as a new grad.

I got a couple of references and just added them to the application. TBH though most companies don’t really follow them… by the time you’ve gone through the interview stages (which here is phone interviews then practical tests then in person interview) we’ve got a good handle on who we’re dealing with anyway.

I always put "References available on request”.

Because of the wonderful thing of GDPR you shouldn’t really be putting references details on things like CV unless they have expressly said it is OK.