What's the furthest afield you've spotted a hot coral card?

(Andy Hughes) #1

Just curious :grin:

We spotted one today in Tarragona, Spain. Not too far from home, but as I’ve never seen another in the wild, even at home, it was kinda cool.:sunglasses:

(Andre Borie) #2

I remember someone saying they saw one all the way out in Australia.

(Jonathan) #3

Doha for me was the furthest I’ve seen a :monzo: card in the wild

(Kevyn) #4

Never seen one in the wild :disappointed: .

(Andy Hughes) #5

It’s surprising with so many now around that we still don’t see them :thinking: Those Londoners need to venture out of town a bit more often!

I wonder if Monzo have some sort of heat map showing where their cards are registered or being used?

(Kevyn) #6

I live up north on the fringe of the Pennines. I’m sure there are people with Monzo near me but I doubt there is anywhere near the saturation like I would expect in London. Manchester, my nearest city, I would expect to see them, but I don’t tend to go into Manchester much. A heat map would be nice to see.

(Excited about Christmas) #7

They did have a registration one a while back.


I saw Monzo cards in Pakistan and Dubai was pleasantly surprised to see someone with this in Pakistan :slight_smile:

(Nathan Steer) #9

Perhaps Monzo customers just use google pay or apple pay a lot and therefore it’s a little harder to notice that they’re on Monzo :stuck_out_tongue:

I only realised one of my friends was on Monzo (before I opened my account) because I happened to notice the monzo card in his app when he was paying for something.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #10

Austria last year - the Ski rep at the hotel in Saalbach was the furthest.

the nearest - where do I start :slight_smile:

Majestic wine outlet, the shop assistant has one.
White Stuff, girl assistant had just received hers , she was very excited :slight_smile:
Pub for lunch 5 miles from home , waiter had one
Local pub, guy sat at the bar commented on how easy it was to manage his money with it
7 of my neighbour have them - thanks golden tickets :slight_smile:
Last night, girl stood next to me in the pub waiting at the bar for service

(Nick Taylor) #11

The first Monzo card I saw in the wild was in Berlin. It must’ve been new, because the guy pulled his phone out to see the notification and nodded with satisfaction.

(John) #12

I got overly received when I saw a random girl in the Starbucks pay with one … and then the next day when our graduate started with us - she took out her license for ID and I saw it in her purse and was like “OMG you have Monzo” - she’d convinced most of her family to get it too!

(Ian Purvis) #13

Never seen one here in the south of Scotland

(Simmy) #14

On " Fifth Gear " . Ronnie O’Sullivan pays with a Monzo card at the checkout


Which episode?

(Simmy) #16

No idea sorry, it wasn’t the last one, it may have been the one before


Never seen another one. Haven’t seen my own in many months, seldom need it.

(John) #18

I’m trying to persuade my parents/brother to get Monzo so the south west of Scotland (D&G) will have them soon hopefully :smiley:


Big assumption. I still do that that two years later :wink:

(I invented greengages. There was only fuel guages prior to this. ) #20

Me too. If only to decide whether to refuse a receipt.