Whats the best way to use Monzo?

Hello, I’m new to the forums on here but have been a Monzo card holder for a fair while now, May 2016, I thought the idea was fantastic and looked forward to using the app and the bank. I never did. However, now I want to change that, I want to try be more money savvy and try be more intelligent when it comes to my finances.

So I’m really looking for any advice that people can give to use the app and use the card to my advantage and to help me be more financially focused etc, I want this to be the main account I use but I don’t want all my money to go straight in to this account. How do people keep up to using it? What have you found to be the best way to use the account and the functions that come with it?

Use it the way you would a normal card, see what features you like, and ultimately find a way that works for you!


It works best if you make one big payment into Monzo monthly, either straight from your employer, or by transferring from another account. When you’re doing that, you can make best use of the budgeting features that helps estimate if you’re going to have money left over or fall short, and track your spending against targets in different categories. Those features are mostly designed around a monthly income.


You could take baby steps at first. Transfer your spending money to Monzo and use it as a spending card at first. Then maybe use it for any new direct debits or standing orders.

If your happy at that stage, use CASS to transfer your bank account to Monzo.

Good luck!


I have been with Monzo for about a month now and its very flexible.
You could have your whole salary paid into Monzo monthly ( this works best for the summary in the app )
Or you could transfer bits here and there to your Monzo at first to get the hang of it.

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