What's the best album/playlist to listen to while working or studying?

(Campbell Prosser) #1

I’m constantly listening to music when working, commuting or just in general life. The kind of music I’m listening to really has an impact on my productivity and how I work. I’d like to hear what are people’s go-to albums to gain some focus…

There’s a really great playlist on Apple Music called ‘Study Beats’ which is jammed packed with indietronica. But the most affective albums for me are Caribou - Our Love and Frank Ocean - Blonde… net-resizeimage7bac2cc7

(Eve) #2

I write best with no music since even classical music distracts me, but when researching I sometimes put on Ludovico Einaudi’s “I Giorni” for hours straight. I also found James Blunt’s “Moon Landing” album really soothing. My favourite is Satellites.

(Starling Guru) #3

I don’t really listen to albums mainly DJ Sets… I’m listening to this right now. It’s a banger if you like this kinda thing.

Anything of this genre etc and I am there.

(Jorge) #4

Boards of Canada - The Music Has The Right to Children is an all time favourite during my study sessions


Another go-to could be Selected Ambient Works 85-92 by Aphex Twin. It just never gets old.

(Colin Robinson) #5

For me currently stuff like Blue Notebooks - Max Richter (http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/reviews/v4bd/) or World Beyond - Erasure (https://www.lexermusic.com/erasure-world-beyond-cd-album)

(Brenda Wong) #6

Bon Iver’s self-titled for me! It got me through some hellish times doing my law degree coursework. https://open.spotify.com/album/7pTARJYCVO49nFXB1Mo5re?si=a6egPZ1iRwe_AqKbE9uTXA


I was just gonna say Bon Iver :grinning:

(Mo) #8

I listen to a lot of Morcheeba when I’m working