A musical weekend

This weekend I’ve been taking a break from being a Monzo engineer to record some of my favourite pieces. It took me a while to figure out a decent audio and camera setup :slight_smile: What do you think, and what should I learn next?

Canon in D - Johann Pachelbel

I Giorni - Ludovico Einaudi

Someone Like You - Adele


I can just about do 3 blind mice :woman_facepalming:

Sounds great, the I Giorni is just beautiful. Give Michael Nyman ‘The heart asks pleasure first’ a go? Top of my classical list

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That’s beautiful - thanks for sharing. (And very jealous of your talent!)

Random question: do you find there any link between music and engineering or are they two distinct things for you?


Yep, love that I Giorni piece and Michael Nyman us haunting.

What could you do with “Nothing else matters”?


Or November Rain?

Interesting question, I have never really thought about it.

I think playing an instrument develops your brain in quite a few ways, notably multitasking, remembering sequences and patterns, and interpreting written instructions – all of which are important skills for engineers.

Once you get to a certain level of proficiency, playing an instrument becomes an amazing ‘escape’ - a way to switch off and take a break from work. When I play, I’m not actually thinking about anything - it’s automatic like typing on a computer keyboard. Obviously learning can be quite stressful though!


I’ve been picking the piano up again lately. Playing to the kids. It’s amazing how much you can spot the difference between the grade pieces when you’re not working through them. Some of the stuff I did I look at now and just don’t know where to start. Yet some things I did for a grade 5 I can still knock out.

As for music suggestions. It’s cheesy but The Stripper is really fun to play. I’ll send you a scan if you can’t find a copy.


Great playing! I use to play when I was in school. Currently don’t own a piano or keyboard, but hearing this is making me consider getting one again! I totally agree playing can help in many ways :musical_keyboard:

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Ah, you have flow! I get that when writing (and in the zone) - sometimes to the point where I can read back something I’ve written without recognising it as mine…

Y u so talented


Great stuff Kieran! I love Ludovico Einaudi btw. My niece is a classical pianist at the Brit School and she plays a lot of his stuff.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my next musical step recently. Hoping to launch my new project sometime this year.

This was one of the most fun experiences I had with my previous band. We shot this over 3 days (10-12 hours of shooting per day) on a movie studio set in Delhi, with a crew of 100 people, and over 10,000 lightbulbs. I was blown away when we got to the set and the set designers had built a huge wooden version of our band logo and covered it with lightbulbs.


I have no words. This is amazing :heart_eyes:


This! :arrow_up: :wink:

Wow, @simonb and @kieranmch, you’re officially both amazing.

Musical interlude at the next Monzo event?! :crossed_fingers:



Oh my god Simon, where did that come from?! :laughing: Amazing!


Every Monzo employee seems to have some sort of secret talent/ interesting fact about themselves- is this a requirement to work there? :wink: also love Ludovico Einaudi, it’s perfect background music for essay writing. Didn’t someone suggest putting on a music festival on another thread as a form of promo? Why not do a mega open office or Monzo fair and have all staff bust out their talents :tada:


Mine is literally colouring 🤷


I sense another collab coming on here :smile:

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Well I can’t do that. I always went outside the lines. Just like my life in general :joy:




This is my most favourite I’ve ever done. I framed it and gave it to my grandma


Guess we’ve just found the cover art for the first Monzo band album.

Available on limited edition Hot Coral vinyl