What's on your WiFi?

I’m guessing we’re unusual but just wanted to see how busy other people’s networks are.

At any one time we usually have

2x phones
2x iPads
3x Lifx bulbs
2x Nest Cams
2x Chromecasts
1x Thermostat
3x Echos
2x Google Homes
1x Kindle Fire
1x PS4
1x Mac Mini

What do you guys have?


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Wow you have all these things? :drooling_face: Lucky!! :heart:

We have built up a lot of stuff over time but most of our devices are quite old e.g iPad Air 2, iPad Mini, 2011 Mac Mini. Two of the echos are dots. Chromecasts are first gen and were bogof etc.

I wouldn’t say any of it is particularly drool worthy.

  • Roku stick
  • 2 Amazon Fire sticks
  • Sonos
  • Freeview box
  • Printer
  • 2 phones (or technically 3 right now as my fiance is currently switching from an iphone to Galaxy)
  • 2 ipads
  • iMac
  • 2 laptops
  • Amazon Echo Dot
  • Apple TV
  • Sony amplifier
  • Kindle

Not a lot then :rofl:

Why the mix of Roku, Fires and Apple TV?

I wouldn’t mind an ATV (I actually have a fair few movies on iTunes) but can’t justify the price for myself.

2 x iPhone
2 x PC
1 x tablet
1x sky box
1 x kindle fire

Roku offers the best combination of free and subscription services; iplayer, ITV Hub, 4OD, Netflix, Amazon Prime, also Youtube videos can be casted to it.

Fire TV’s provide some other streaming services :zipper_mouth_face::wink:

Apple TV merely as a legacy device, I’m not a particular fan of it myself.

A few iPhones, MacBooks, PS3 and a smart light bulb. Boring in comparison to others but I believe that less is more. :joy:

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I still live in my (large) family home and we have a mesh network set up which works flawlessly across every corner of the house :signal_strength:

4 x Smart TVs
3 x Sky Box
1 x Fire TV Stick
1 x MacBook
3 x Laptops (Personal & work)
2 x iPad
5 x iPhone
2 x PS4

2x iPhone
3x iPad
1x MacBook Pro
1x MacBook Air
1x iMac
1x NAS
1x PS4
4x Sonos Play:1s
1x Alexa Dot
1x Google Home Mini
3x Hue Bulbs
2x Nest Protects
2x TV
1x BluRay Player

I think that’s it…

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At any given time, some combination of (wired and wireless)
3x wireless access points (one is the router)
1x network switch
1x Plex server
1x Chromecast
2x Chromecast audio
1x desktop PC
2x laptops
4x Android phones (why buy a baby monitor when an old phone will do?)
2x Android tablets (not often though)
1x iPhone 5c (for testing)
1x Google Home Mini
1x Smartthings hub
1x Energenie hub
1x internet radio
2x Dlink smart plugs
1x Nest thermostat
2x Nest Protect smoke alarms
16x Lifx lights (yes)
1x bluray player
1x Steam Link
A few Arduino project boards in various stages of usefulness

I think that about covers it.


F’ing hell. Do you live in a datacenter? :joy:


A laptop and my phone. And my Wi-Fi is a TP-Link Mi-Fi device (3 UK 40 GB plan with unlimited Netflix. £18/month because I took the useless Huawei Mi-Fi, would have been £16 SIM-only. The monthly regret…)… I feel positively backwards.

Usually just a laptop, tablet and that’s it. I have so much data on my iphone I just use the network for 4g data. I also check to make sure no one is trying to piggy back on to it and that I’ve a wi-fi channel to myself :grin:

Let’s see…

Apple TV
Nvidia shield tv

What app is this in the screenshot?

The Google WiFi app.

On a normal day:
1x Desktop PC (wired powerline - my own)
1x Laptop (Mum’s)
1x OnePlus 5 (my own)
3x iPhones (4: Mum, 6: Dad & Sister)
1x CCTV (wired powerline)
2x Sky TV (living room + sister)
2x Printer (family + my own)

I live in the future :sunglasses:

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Err like 30 odd devices?

Sometimes next door connect to my WiFi too as I have multiple access points throughout the house. they are rate limited so it doesn’t affect me :stuck_out_tongue: