What would you like to know about Research at Monzo?

I am looking into sharing some longer form content around the role research plays here at Monzo and in the wider tech world.

As part of that, we’d love to know any questions you’ve got about research at Monzo or about research in general. Any questions at all, let us know below! We’d love to hear from you :hot_coral_heart:


Hey @SimonAmor,

I have a question if you don’t mind.

How much of your research is “blind” - So the person answering the questions doesn’t know it’s about Monzo?

I would worry that as soon as people hear it’s Monzo, they are already unconsciously biased to give answers that benefits Monzo, rather than their true feelings - Perhaps that’s only on the forum, but it feels a lot of people would make sacrifices if it helped Monzo out, where they may not if it was, say, Lloyds or Barclays.

  • How do you collect unbiased data?

  • Has the data ever significantly changed an idea?

  • What role does research play in which features you build first?


What’s your favourite search engine/browser for research?

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Thank you for all your questions so far. These are all great topics that we can delve deeper into and answer :smile:

  • Could you describe the process start to finish? how do you go from having many and prioritising the most important topics to perform research on?

  • What tools do you use?

  • How do you share your findings?

  • How do you measure value of research?

I have questions!

  • Following a bit of (what turned out to be) fuss about nothing, over whether Monzo used NDAs for research, I was wondering if you’d consider publishing your consent form for research?

  • More about the research now. Do you try to segment users to assess, for example, what different types of user want? If you do, how do you go about that given (again, for example) Monzo’s great and and ethical stance of not collecting gender information?

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