What we’ll build in 2019

(Paul) #163

Me too. October 19

(Rob) #164

@Will-S, interesting that Monzo are looking at mortgages… so are Monzo looking to provide mortgages themselves, link up with one or two providers or act as an independent morgage broker? Or just starting to investigate?

I found my mortgage broker saved me money but the only thing was i couldnt see any of the data like rates and fees myself, he had to tell me it all over the phone, would of loved to see it all in an easy to compare way on an app.


Thanks Rob. We’re right at the start of exploring mortgage and are beginning as an introducer, i.e. we’ll introduce our users to brokers. Who knows where we’ll end up though :slight_smile:

That’s good to know re: the rates; that sounds like a common theme already…


Awesome, can you please email me on william@monzo.com and we’ll take it from there?


For what it’s worth I’m looking now as a first time buyer.

Probably a little too early for you @Will-S

(Jack) #168

My guess is this could mean a partnership with Habito?

I’m hoping to use them in the future.


Hey John, we can actually help you as a first time buyer!

If you’re up for it, please can you email me on william@monzo.com and I’ll explain more?


(Danny Martinez) #170

I’m looking to remortgage this summer (June I think) too, if you’re looking for more volunteers.

LMK if I should email you…

(Martin Jones) #171

We are looking at buying in May this year as a first time buyer

(Jordan Taylor) #172

I’ve just fired off an email to yourself if that’s okay ? :slight_smile:
My other half and I are keen to buy this year if all goes well! :crossed_fingers:

(Lewis King) #173

Someone buy my flat in Bath please? hahaha


I’m also a first time buyer looking to buy this summer, can I get in on this too?


Yup, we’re working with Habito, Trussle and Trinity Financial :smiley:

Mortgages 🏠

Yes please - I’m on william@monzo.com. Thanks :bowing_man:


Absolutely - please email me too!


Awesome, thanks :raised_hands:

(Michael) #179

Remortgaging towards the end of the year & had bad experiences last time I remortgaged with L&C.

Happy to offer my experiences etc. If it’s worth it.

(Nathan) #180

As someone who has all of this ahead of him in the next 2/3 years it would be nice if you could prepare some of your lovely helper docs on mortgages and remortgaging also :pray: for i havent a baldy

(Emma (still not the app)) #181

Most northern Irish thing ever on this forum :grin:

(Jack) #182

I found this useful.
It’s worth a read, free digital or paper copy available.