What to do if you're affected by the Flybe collapse

Flybe have announced that they’ve gone into administration and all flights have been cancelled.

Here’s what you need to know about getting home safely, and your rights for anything you’ve paid for.


What about if you booked a full itinerary through AF (or another airline) and it’s ticketed through that airline? Is it their responsibility to arrange an alternative carrier for the BE leg?

Please don’t expect Monzo to provide an answer to every other “what if” scenario. Monzo has provided an ‘over and above’ précis but won’t know everything. It’s always better to contact the company you booked through, obviously.


Curious as to the Monzo blog setup - the URL of the article contains blog/2019/03/05/flybe-collapse - perhaps this was written as a draft last time Flybe almost collapsed (I can’t remember the dates - but it can’t be a year to the day surely?!)

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What on earth are you talking about? It IS 2019, I believe there’s another vote on Brexit due to happen in parliament this evening…


You’ll need to check Civil Aviation Authority’s advice. You might be ATOL protected.
ATOL - Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing is a United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority scheme to give financial protection to people who have purchased package holidays and flights from a member tour operator.


I thought atol was for packages only and never for flights?

What on earth made you think there was any expectation from Monzo. It’s a post on a community forum, it’s pretty obvious why.

You need to contact the flight seller, not trying in vain on a fintech forum like this mate. :roll_eyes:

I don’t have a flight. I’m just curious what people in that situation are supposed to do.

Flybe was very active in “codesharing” – allowing other airlines to attach their own flight numbers. So, for example, Flybe BE101 from Birmingham to Amsterdam was also known as Singapore Airlines SQ2449. In such circumstances you should assume your flight is not going, and talk to the airline that was codesharing with Flybe.
They should find an alternative – in that example, using KLM on the short hop to the Dutch capital. Or, from Manchester to Paris, Air France should be able to transfer passengers booked with an AF code on a Flybe flight to one of the French airline’s alternative services between the two cities.

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Is the ‘we’ here a typo, or do you work for Monzo?

Also, your exclamation mark is a link to a prepaid gift card site. I assume that is not accidental.