What sort of temperature do you prefer to sleep in? ๐Ÿ›๏ธ๐Ÿ’ค

I love a cold cold room :snowflake:

Even though the weather has been cooling lately Iโ€™ve still had my fan on. I warm up far too quickly when I sleep.


Cold for me also. Itโ€™s rare that I zzz without a window open :sweat_smile:


I need a cold room too :cold_face:.

I have had to resort to using just cotton sheets as a duvet over the โ€˜heatwaveโ€™ summer, in order not to overheat and be kept awake. In winter when my house is icy cold at night and I have a nice tog duvet to keep me warm. Generally my head overheats quickly and it needs to be cooled down. A few years ago I used to use the Soothsoft Chillow Pillow to help me sleep which was helpful until it needed replacing and I never did.

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I canโ€™t sleep with windows open and need to be under duvet with just my head poking out. So in summer I tend to overheat a bit.


I used to love a warm bed but I now leave the window open all day and then close it at night - only reason being that Iโ€™m on an industrial estateโ€™s main road so too noisy at night to keep the window open (was a nightmare during Summer) so warm!!!

I need heat and lots of it. The cold makes me sleep but then I wake up shivering. On the flip side I rarely wake up in a hot sweat unless Iโ€™m ill or something

Window open and cold so I can have a duvet on and a comfy blanket.

Cold room, warm Liam. :ok_hand:


Generally a cooler room. Most of the time I sleep with the window open slightly.
Although when itโ€™s less than 0 degrees out I do like to be toasty :slight_smile:.

If itโ€™s too hot I canโ€™t get to sleep.

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Cool for me too. I usually just sleep under a blanket, unless itโ€™s really cold and then I have the thinnest duvet you can buy.

Arctic. Until my wife puts the heating on to 30 degrees to โ€œwarm the room up quickerโ€โ€ฆ

Then I sleep outsideโ€ฆ