Getting to sleep advice

Just interested to hear what tactics are used by people to help get to sleep.

I have started running in the evenings (again) and it’s something I try not to do as I struggle to sleep afterwards, adrenaline has kicked in too much.

Preferably I’d rather run in the morning but I can never get up early enough.

Any tips from anybody? Not just after physical exercise but any tips at all?

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2 kids Under 3


Glutton for punishment are you? :joy::joy:

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If you have a mac can highly recommend f.lux: (sure there will be equivalents for windows). It gradually takes the blue light out of your laptop in the evening, which helps your brain getting confused by the blue light and thinking its the middle of the day

Also not having coffee after ~2pm

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I have lived by this mantra for years now. It has helped with general sleeping.


I found that if I had a glass (or three) or wine in the evening, I had no problem sleeping. Unfortunately that leads to a HUGE wine consumption, and knowing looks from the neighbours when you put the recycling bin out.

So, erm, don’t do that.


I used to have the same issue with exercising at night - so I force myself to get up in the morning. I’ve gone from being a morning grump, getting up late and crawling to my desk after 9, to waking up naturally at 5.45am every morning so I can make breakfast, get to the gym, and be alive at work first thing. I sleep a lot better.

I still struggle a lot, but I typically put on a playlist of podcasts (interview or news shows with lots of boring talking) and focus on my breathing. I also have to work to relax my face muscles - I realise sometimes I’m screwing up my eyes and it’s only when I stop doing that I’m able to nod off.


I just struggle to get up in the mornings early enough.

I don’t know what it is as I do wake up early, but not early enough to be able to get all the jobs done that need to be done before I do the school run. It’s mental.

Maybe once the kids are older it will be easier. I get up at 6.30!

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What time are you getting to bed for a 06:30 alarm? If you’re trying to stay up until midnight you’ll find 06:30 difficult.

I work shifts, and the answer to being able to get up early is simply to go to bed early. Learned that from a BBC Newsreader. I also ban my phone from the bedroom, so when my phone’s alarm goes off, I have to get up to switch it off on the landing. That also helps with the screen time ban before sleep.

And drink plenty of water.


F.lux is also available on Windows 10 as well :+1:

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Alcohol, lots and lots of glorious alcohol.


I went from having 7 hours sleep a night, to 1 almost overnight. Found the best thing for it was acupuncture which I have every 2 months and I’m now sleeping 5 to 6 hours.

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I used to not be able to sleep at night. I recommend Audible to get you to sleep. I’m a sleep thinker, so when I go to bed I overthink. Listening to a good book after allows me to focus on nothing and drop off.

Also, exhaustion is another way to guarantee falling asleep. Started getting up at 4am to do some before school work and by 9pm I drop like a fly. Probably not good for your health long term.

This type of thing is already embedded in MacOS now. I stopped using f.lux ages ago on Mac.


Don’t drink caffeinated drinks too late in the day.

Use night mode on devices you can; devices without a night mode, figure out a cut-off time after which you absolutely don’t use them.

Set a time in the evening after which you don’t do or discuss anything (house) work related. The last thing you want in the evening is to set your brain abuzz thinking about tasks, or otherwise stress yourself.

Might be a bit extreme, but have a look at light bulbs you use. Just this weekend I put some red bulbs in some lights upstairs so that if I wake up in the night and have to turn the light on, I can avoid turning on the bright lights that’ll wake me right up.

Once you find a routine that works, stick to it. Including at weekends.

If you really can’t get to sleep, accept it’s not working and get out of bed and do something else for a bit. Then try again later.

Built into Windows too. System > Display > Night light Settings

And Gnome3 for all you nerds :slight_smile:nightlight


I can’t say but anyone with a wife or husband isn’t going to be free enough to get out there.

Brandy works in the case of above.

Headspace sleep area.
I seem to sleep at 2am without it…

I just take my sleeping pill 20 min before…and then as soon as my head it’s the pillow, my brain packs up and fs off😂

Calm app is my weapon of choice at the moment, the sleep stories put me to sleep in no time.

I’ve also been looking at those Bose Sleepbuds, wouldn’t mind trying them for 30 days to see if they work. I have problems sleeping in hotels and the night before a big event.

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