What’s your favourite pot

What’s your favourite pot that you have set up and why?

Mine has got to be my Glastonbury (festival pits) as it feels like a real treat!

Mine is my income tax pot. Being self employed, I love giving the tax man my hard earned money every year.


Have you got a business account with Monzo?

I have not, no.

At least you get to earn interest on it before paying it, those of us who are employed get it taken straight away.

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For sure, just the temptation in my younger years to spend it was too much. Luckily I manage a lot better now.

Money rounding pot is quite handy. Inevitably gets dipped into just before payday though!

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Ohhh I see… waves smoke away

My ‘roundup’ pot that collects all those little extra pennies (£267 so far this year)


Mine has to be my ‘Runs’ pot.

It’s set up with an IFTTT applet with Strava to put in 10p every every meter I run, when it reaches a decent amount I use the money for a treat!

It’s a great way to feel like you’re earning something whilst exercising. :running_man:t3:


I’m glad you clarified the meaning of “runs”. It’s not your Immodium fund then…



Thought I had better clarify

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My favourite Pot is definitely “Coin Jar :money_with_wings::smiley:

It’s been running since day -1 and thankfully not been touched since! I’m still yet to decide what my goal is / what I’ll use it to buy but hopefully by then it’ll have built up to a nice healthy amount :blush:

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“Card Tax Pot”

I set up a IFTTT to transfer 50p every time I spend on my card. When I reach £25 I empty the pot and start again. Has come in very handy so far especially because my payday isn’t a set date every month :blush:

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