Lifes little mysteries

So after wandering around the supermarket yesterday on the way to work yesterday I chorley help but think the following

20 deep queue for the cash machine - why :man_shrugging: they take card inside that big metal shed

Lottery another long queue - why :man_shrugging: you can do it online with little effort and then if you win get a notification through without having to check.

I’m sure there’s many more out there, what gets you thinking why?

People secretly buying lottery tickets in the vain hope that they can finally afford to leave their cheating lying partner. Maybe.


Why do people stop when approaching a roundabout even though the coast is clear, or if there’s plenty of time to keep going? You’re only supposed to give way :man_shrugging:


:rofl: :sob: Laughing myself silly at work to that

When you’re eating one of those triple sandwiches from Tesco, who is eating the other half of your sandwich?


Why can’t people understand apostrophes?


The mustn’t’ve paid attention that day at school.

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I hope you mean ‘come to a full stop’, as at the very least you’d need to rolling stop to ascertain with enough confidence that the way is clear.

If everyone’s barrelling along at 50mph because they can’t see anyone so the coast must be clear, by the time they do see each other it’ll be when they’re in a massive pile-up in the middle of the roundabout :grimacing:

By stop I mean, stop.

It depends on the roundabout and how much of it you can see on approach.

My comment was directed towards those people who can clearly see the way is clear and in most cases the place is like a ghost town, but still insist on coming to a “full stop”.

People who still use coins for parking meters when there is an app.


People who go to a supermarket and ask for a pound for a trolley…winds me up, you know you’re going shopping


When people ask how much stuff is in poundland…lovely

They’ve clearly not been informed in the Bilston store…:flushed:

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Why does predictive text type Chorley instead of … can’t ?

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Maybe the keyboard wanted a chorley cake from the supermarket :thinking:

They are probably all Monzo users who proudly declare they never use cash, and challenge those who do :man_shrugging:


I don’t use cash, I have a token for the trolleys at Tesco :wink:


I always wonder about the people who angrily press the button on the tube doors to open them, even though they haven’t worked in decades. The driver opens the doors when the train says its safe to do so. I can understand a tourist doing it, but people who live here and travel on it every day should surely pick up on this, unless you really do live in your own little world in your head?

  1. I guess they need cash for other uses than shopping in Tesco

  2. If you play the lottery online you have to put at least £10 into your account. If you don’t have that much spare, it’s “cheaper” to just pay £2 for one ticket

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