Refunds into pots

This is probably best explained with the example that caused me to think about it.

I recently started playing a charity lottery for £10 per month. On pay day, a regular payment sends the £10 to a ‘lottery’ pot, which is assigned to the Direct Debit by which the operator collects my ticket money.

I was fortunate enough to win a £10 prize in my first month’s play, which has been automatically credited to my account.

Now, what I’d like to be able to do, is set the pot up so that when a prize is paid, Monzo recognises the person paying me as someone who I’ve allowed to collect a Direct Debit from a pot, and to automatically move my £10 prize into the pot, in the same way that it can handle taking the £10 fee out?

Not a major issue at all, but it would just give a more complete functionality for pots, especially from a budget control point of view.

This isn’t a feature currently but if you’re familiar with IFTTT this should hopefully be achievable :soon: :crossed_fingers:

A suggestion to put in the ideas thread as these isn’t a trigger for inbound payments yet:

Monzo have already replied in that thread saying that it’s on their list. So no need to suggest :slight_smile: