What manual things do you do, that you wish you could automate?

Hey folks! Happy Tuesday :wave:

We’re still busy behind the scenes (we hope to have a much bigger update for you soon :eyes: ) - we’re still working hard on our sign up flow, making sure it’s as seamless as possible. We’re also finalising a few things with accountancy tools integrations, and making sure our background progresses are ready to start supporting businesses :muscle:

We’ve been speaking to a few of you over the phone this week, and some interesting manual processes came up a few times! Which got me wondering… What manual processes do you use for your business, that you wish could be automated? This could be money related, or not! Or, maybe you used to have to do something super manually, but you’ve figured out a cool automation?

Looking forward to hearing your ideas!


I have a “Daily Salary” pot that on payday I move the full payday amount into a pot and they divide the amount by how many days are left till the next payday and set up a scheduled daily payment into my current account for that amount from that pot

If that could be automated some how from when my budget summary is set to that would be ace.

Maybe even have weekly / forenightly options too

Edit: Only just noticed this is in the Business Banking section, apologies


Old place we used to ask customers to put their email as reference, maybe monzo can automate a confirmation email/text saying xyz ltd has received your payment of £x ,

But if account name verification is coming to business accounts also it might not be worth the effort for monzo.

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Inputting everyone’s salary one by one, we use Xero payroll I don’t know if there’s a way to push a pay run via the Xero API to create a payment. Removes the prospect of making an error then too.

Adding to this could possibly to something similar when an invoice is due, set them to auto pay or a push notification. E.g “Your invoice from XYZ Ltd for £1000 is due today, tap to pay” or something like that.

I guess you’d need to map a Xero contact to a Monzo payee.

When we pay our staff each month, the output from the payroll system is around 70 “Bills” in Xero that need to be paid. The only way we can send these as Faster Payments at the moment is to perform 70 manual bill payments through the Barclays web interface!

Xero supports creating a “batch” payment of multiple bills at once: choose the bills to pay, and it’ll let you download a CSV or BACS format file containing all the payment details. We haven’t found a bank that will let us send Faster Payments from one of these files, unfortunately.


Xero lets you provide bank details for each contact. You can edit them as long as your Xero user has the “Bank account admin” permission.

I hadn’t seen that before thanks but I’d still have the same issue you are having above with the batch file and not actually being able to upload it to our online banking (Metro).

If in a shop they ask if you prefer an email receipt, when it gets emailed to you it automatically adds it to the transaction or you can attach the email, instead of taking a photo?

An idea across both business and personal: A function to “assign” direct debits and scheduled payments to a pot, like you can with your current balance. So you know DD bills will come straight from your “bills” pot etc. If there isn’t enough money in the pot or the pot is closed, it defaults to current balance.

This would be extremely useful for my business for compartmentalising regular expenses, and in my personal life to keep myself organised without having to empty pots into the current to cover payments. Just an idea!


This has been discussed a lot here on the forums. It’s definitely a widely wanted feature. I think I remember seeing somewhere saying it’s ‘working’ internally and is being tested, but with no solid release date.

I’d love to see free agent integrated.

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