Introducing: Xero and FreeAgent for Business Accounts!

Last month, you told us that accounting tools are really important. So we’re super excited that, from this week, you’ll be able to integrate your Monzo Business Account with Xero and FreeAgent:


Nice one

Again I speak as someone with zero business banking experience, but are there other business/accounting tools you would like integrating?

If so, jump on the other thread (or this one?) And go voting on Trello

@Roxy can I just ask what is meant by integration, are there wider tools offered with integration or does it just mean automatic bank feed imports?

I use Kashflow but live bank feeds is vital to me before using Monzo business.

For now we just support daily bank feeds.

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On free agent and xero or all accountancy software that can do bank feeds?

We’re not currently integrated with Kashflow, but I’ve just added it to ourtrello board :slight_smile:


Thank you!

Is Business bank now open for all or is there still a waiting list - I been on it for ages without luck


Still just the 100 testers I believe, but they’re very close to rolling out more widely :crossed_fingers:

“The time is now to push the button”

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Hey everyone! :wave:

We’re really excited about this, as lots of you have asked for this :blush:

If you’re interested, here’s an idea of what the integration process looks like!


Will FreeAgent integration also be available for personal accounts too as well as business as ideally both would be useful for a small trader ?

I use Quickfile. Any chance this will be integrated?

Dear monzo,

Please let me open my business account soon! Dying to switch from Barclays. Might have to go with starling if it’s not soon.


Has there been any look into integration with coconut? They seem to get rave reviews!

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Why would monzo integrate their business bank account to another business bank account?


I thought Xero and free agent were similar offerings to coconut. Apologies for any distress caused by my comment. I will do better to understand next time!

Ps. A rainbow Liverpool F.C badge would look cool :rainbow::100:

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That’s very promising!

I’m curious about how debit card transactions will be fed to Xero. With a personal Monzo account, if I do something like buy fuel at the pump then I initially see a £1 transaction in my feed which magically (and silently) changes to the correct amount a day or two later. This is obviously a problem with a Xero integration, because it would not make sense to be sent a £1 statement line followed by a £foo statement line when the transaction settles.

With our current setup with Barclays and Xero we only get fully settled transactions in the feed, and that’s the way we like it! Is this going to happen with Monzo too?


Afaik the other neobanks only send details of settled transactions to Xero. Bank reconciliation would be a nightmare otherwise

Hi Stephen, we’ll be doing the same! Only settled transactions will be sent to Xero and FreeAgent, and we won’t send declined transactions either :slight_smile: