What is this payment for ?

For the last couple of days, presumably since an app update, every payment I send now has an additional screen

This wouldn’t be an issue if you don’t make many payments, but this is on my business account which is very active.

Would love an option to turn this off, or at least stop it for payees you have sent to before.

They should only be throwing this when you add a new payee and send a payment to that payee for the first time.

I think it’s a recent regulatory thing because I’ve never seen this on Monzo, but kept getting it from Chase when I was moving everything over to them. But it only showed up the one time per payee I added.

I suspect it’s part of complying with the APP fraud rules which will soon be mandatory for all banks, and not opt in like it has been for a while. Monzo (and presumably chase) never opted in to protecting and reimbursing customers from these scams.

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Wonder if this is what is in the teardown as 2023_purchase_scam_experiment_enabled :eyes:

As mentioned, unfortunately you can’t turn it off

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Santander and Virgin Money have done this for ages.


I’m probably on the right train of thought then. Both of those banks are voluntarily signed up to the CRM code. So they already take steps to protect customers from APP scams, and reimburse them when they do fall victim.

This screen must be part of an industry approved method of protection.

NatWest too.

It’s appearing on every payment, even those that are saved in my payees list that I’ve paid numerous times before.

I can understand why it might be warranted for new payees, but not existing ones.