What is an " invoice "?

Hi guys. Hope all are ok, just got one question.

I had a bill come through the door a few weeks ago so I sent a picture of it to my advocate ( who takes care of my finances )
He says " he has sent the invoice to be paid " however I called the company up and they said nothing has been paid.

There are numerous ways to pay including bank transfer , internet , phone etc
There is also a form on the bottom which you can fill out and send to them with bank details on ( is this what he means ? )

Obviously I can ask him but he is not at work today and im eager to get it paid off early…

Invoice basically means bill.
Sounds like he would have used the details on the photo you sent him rather than needing the paper bill. If it was weeks ago I’m surprised the company are saying it isn’t paid. Did they send you a reminder?

It was sent on 14th august and they want it paid by 11th september

He was on holiday last week which is why it’s late

Loads of time left then :+1:

Yeah its only £70, hopefully it gets paid this week. Just don’t know why he hasn’t just sent a bank transfer to them it would be so much easier.

If he keeps your money in a high rate account then it’s better to leave it as long as possible to keep earning you interest before taking that money out