What is a “charity account”

So a few years back my advocate setup a charity account for my savings .
and transfers me bits each month to cover food and living costs. ( to a current account )
I want to know what a charity account is and will he be able to transfer little bits from the charity account to my monzo ( as monzo is new )

As long as your charity account allows you to do bank transfers, that’s fine.
I’m not sure what a charity account is specifically though (I couldn’t find anything about it online, besides accounts for charities, which is clearly not what you have).
Maybe @anon44204028 knows more about it? - he seems to be an expert in all things financial services.

What happened to you wanting to move your whole benefit payment over to Monzo though?


Basically, my benefits go from the DWP to the account my advocate set-up, so he can pay all my bills etc without me having to worry about it. ( i dont have access to the account with my savings only he does )

He then calculates how much i have to spend ( AFTER bills ) and then transfers them to my Monzo starting next month.

I saw a thread on here the other day saying that Monzo is a fairly new bank so some places with outdated systems don’t recognise the sort code.

To be on the safe-side i have a barclays current account set-up incase his system is outdated

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You need to speak to your advocate about what they mean by a charity account.

Any other financial services provider will have updated their codes so will be no problem


Yes, that problem with outdated databases only seems to be an issue with merchants though (also only when it comes to setting up direct debits, which doesn’t seem to be necessary for you since all your bills are paid by someone else), not with banks that are direct participants in the Faster Payments scheme - such as the big four (Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds and RBS), as well as others (Metro Bank, Nationwide, Starling and Monzo). There are currently 20 direct participants - a list of which you can find here: http://www.fasterpayments.org.uk/directly-connected-participants

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I’m not quite sure what you are stating is a ‘charity account’. Do you mean that your advocate works for a charity like StepChange and they just look after your money using their own bank account and transfer you money day to day while they take care of your bills?

You need to speak to your advocate in the end. You could also look to speak to whoever appointed your advocate too.


Thanks dude.

All i know is the charity " Mental Health Advocacy "

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Make an appointment to see your advocate. Write down all your questions about this charity account, how he’ll transfer the money, how he’s been dividing the money etc and bring someone else to the meeting. It’s easy to miss something so having someone there means you get another opinion on what you’ve heard


Thanks. I usually contact via email and he’s very helpful and friendly. Obviously they are not open today which is why i asked on here.

He did tell me it would be Via bank transfer

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A Charity Account is usually not much different to a treasurer’s accounts designed specifically for not-for-profit organisations such as clubs, societies, community organisations, and CASC (community amateur sports clubs). There are normally restrictions on the number of paid employees (often 5) in the Charity, it has to be registered, there may be a maximum turnover say £5M, and a maximum account balance of say £100K. Larger charities may not be eligible for this type of account and require a full business account


Thanks for the info guys. The charity name is IMHA ( Independent Mental Health Advocacy )

Hope all goes well when my payment comes in next month, if not will have to just manually transfer from my barclays


Good news, the account is Barclays, so should have no problem :smiley:


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