Business Accounts for Charities

I am the treasurer of a small charity looking for ways to streamline our banking needs. The last comment on the use of Monzo by charities was in May 2018. So my first question is, how far has the debate within Monzo got in the last 4 years on your ability to host charity accounts. and secondly, do you understand the precise needs of charities rather than just know we are different ?

Jeremy Mumford

Business types we can’t support right now
Partnerships, including Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)
Limited companies by guarantee

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Thanks for your reply, which was expected, but I assume you do have plans to allow these types of business access to your products, so a helpful hint as to when would be helpful, instead of a cut and paste answer. I honestly expected a bit more from you guys !


I hope you realise the replies you’re getting, will get are 99% from other customers. This isn’t a forum where staff will start to disclose if or when charities might get accepted.


You’re very unlikely to get a hint or anything else. Monzo do not currently support charities, when they do, they’ll shout about it.

I don’t work for Monzo. I just answered your question by googling.

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Hey there :wave:

Unfortunately we currently don’t support any business entities other than specified on our website, once there are changes we will announce these and update our materials!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thanks for the replies, much appreciated.
No I did not realise the replies could be from users too, so sorry if I have annoyed anyone ! I have so little reason to use the facility.