What If Scenario Calculator

Just giving this it’s own feature ideas topic. I had previously appended it to a different one here -

Other use cases include:

  • What if I reduced my hours and took a pay cut of £X per hour/week/month/year
  • How long would my savings last if I lost my job
  • What if I buy/sell something one off worth £X
  • What if increased/decreased spending by £X
  • What if I take out a loan worth £X at Y APR for repayment by date Z
  • What if I begin saving £X per month for use on date Y

Could this somehow be tied into the scenario calculator? For example, if I were to make a what if scenario about applying for a loan with a future Monzo partner or a Monzo overdraft, I could be given an indication of its likelihood of being accepted before I submit the application.