What does your Spotify Wrapped 2018 list look like? 🎧

(Simon B) #1

You can go to http://spotifywrapped.com and find out.

Mine isn’t really an accurate representation of my listening habits - mostly because Spotify isn’t my service of choice - I use Google Play Music and YouTube Music much more. Up until recently, much of Prince’s catalog wasn’t on Spotify, so it doesn’t appear here.

But, it’s still interesting.

My Top 5 most listened artists on Spotify in 2018 are:

  • Alanis Morissette
  • Lissie
  • The Prodigy
  • Yazoo
  • The 1975

And my Top 5 most played songs were :

Automatic by The Pointer Sisters
Situation by Yazoo
Street Dance by Break Machine
Pull Up To The Bumper by Grace Jones
Genius of Love by Tom Tom Club

So… what about you? :grinning: :headphones: :guitar:



My listening time certainly surprised me. The top song too surprised me, didn’t know I had listen to it that much.

I think my stats are a little off as a friend uses my account (I know I probably shouldn’t :grimacing:).

Cool that Spotify offers this - love seeing stats.

(P Burrows) #3

I was really surprised by mine! Musicals seem to be a big hit for me!

(Is Santa here yet?) #4

Mine is a bit weird. The 1st and 5th artists and compilations of rain noises because it’s the only thing I’ve found helps with my insomnia.


(DT) #5

Far too much from the Hamilton soundtrack that it’s embarrassing… :slight_smile: but also two of my favourite albums from last/this year with The National and LCD Soundsystem…

(Neil M) #6

I do data entry hence the silly high minutes…
By far the funniest part of this was 90,000% rise in the amount of listening I’ve done… Pretty sure that’s because I bought Spotify this year

(Richard) #7

Some of my stats are skewed because my daughter and wife have been using my Spotify on the family Alexa.

However Rock music and the Greatest Showman…completely accurate.

(Simon B) #8

Slash is incredible. Fulfilled a lifelong dream to see him perform with Axl on the GnR “Not In This Lifetime” tour. Amazing show!!!

(Richard) #9

Jealous!! Just could not afford the tickets.

I’ve seen him a few times with Myles Kennedy (who in his own right is superb) but to see 3/5ths of GNR on the stage…would love to see!!


Not surprised that my most listened to artist is Linkin Park.


Not surprised too much by mine

Dominated my ear-buds for months

(Richard) #12

Great film and soundtrack!

(Rachel Raybould) #13

Kpop seems about right tbqh.

(Ray) #14

I didn’t know about spotifywrapped.com - I had seen the playlist on my app.

Apparently I listened for 33,854 minutes (over 564 hours)! Apparently that’s 78% more than last year which is odd as I’ve had Premium for over two years. My most listened to artist was Bastille.

Apparently, at some point I listened to “Spirit In The Sky” by Normal Greenbaum which seems odd. The first song I listened to on 2018 was “Tourniquet” by Evanescence.

(Ben ) #15

Too embarrassing to post…:rofl::rofl:

(Tom Reynolds) #16

Diverse list for me :joy:

  • Started 2018 listening to Barking by Ramz
  • Top artist = Ludovico Einaudi - off to watch him perform in Milan next week!
  • Favourite subgenre = Dance Pop
  • Oldest song = Paint It Black, Rolling Stones

Looking at my minutes, not sure I’m getting my money’s worth, although I do get it free with Vodafone.

(Eve) #17

I love BBoom BBoom!

I share my Spotify so this is pretty skewed. My only contribution to this list is the copious amount of Ludovico Einaudi I listen to. This is Me from the Greatest Showman gets a lot of listening but unfortunately didn’t make the list :disappointed:


Im a lot more Poppy this year than I realised…

(Tom ) #19

Mine is basically 100% Dua Lipa

(Stephen Ward) #20

Mostly old school metal. I cheated on Spotify with Apple Music this year so my numbers are down.