What does your Spotify Wrapped 2018 list look like? 🎧

(Richard Cook) #21

Pretty much the same as I get every year. But I love it.

Also “Top genre: Pop” lol.


I don’t use spotify :frowning:

I might switch this year.

(Phil) #23

Mine is great, I’ve been listening to it every day since. :slight_smile:

(Ray) #24

What is “pop” nowadays?! Not sure I would class a lot of what I listen to as “pop”.

(Tom Reynolds) #25

Love this list.

4 of my top 5 were:
I giorni
Melodia Africana III
Bella notte

Took my wife to go watch him in Milan on Tuesday, was incredible :heart_eyes:


Very cheesey

(Tom Reynolds) #27

:chess_pawn: or :cheese: ?



Good spot - you never know you may love chess music

(Eve) #29

I’m jealous, I’ve always wanted to see him live. Samba is one of my faves too, as well as In un’altra vita.

(Tom Reynolds) #30

He came to the UK a few years ago, my other half saw him then in Bournemouth at the BIC before. Just happened to get an ultra good value deal to get out there this week. Keep an eye out for the next tour!