What does these settings mean?

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Can someone tell me what each one from these mean?



These are community settings. You can learn all about them by sending a message to @monzobot

You just have to write Start new user in a PM and it will just guide you through a tutorial.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @monzobot display help.

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It didn’t guide me to these settings!

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@SC95 Can you explain to me the first and third point, please

1.what does it mean by highlighted text, how can we highlight text?

3.Don’t jump to my post after I reply?


Ok so let me try to explain :grinning:

  • you can select text some or all the text in someone’s reply to get an option to quote that in your reply.

  • hen you are in this community if a new thread is created or a new post in a thread you are following, you will see count on your browser tab. Just like if you are using Gmail or Outlook etc…

  • If you’re on top of a thread with 100s of replies, when you reply there you can choose to be taken to your reply instead of staying where you were in the thread.

  • some threads can be Pinned at the top of topics if you have read all of that thread and this option is enabled it would be unpinned.


You can highlight text just as you would in any other app or website by selecting it. You will get this:

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You are my favorite teacher here :slight_smile: Thanks.
I want to ask you something else,
1.Can the person who ask the question, see his question on the new list?

  1. What is the difference between, (First time a post is liked and daily) and (First time a post is liked)?


  1. No, because you were already in that thread so for you it’s not new

  2. So you can choose to be notified if a post is liked for the first time ever then for subsequent likes you won’t get notifications or when it’s liked first time and then once everyday for all subsequent likes.

Hope this makes sense :grinning:

(emily) #10

1.Like now you received a like from me, if you are putting (First time a post is liked), you will receive just my like and if anyone else liked this post, you will not receive his like?

  1. If you are putting it (First time a post is liked and daily), You will receive by everyday just one notification about the first one who liked you in that day?


Yes correct :point_up_2:

You will receive one notification everyday for all the people who liked your post. And of course the first ever like on that post.

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Thanks a lot ! if I have any question in the near future, I will ask you :slight_smile: