What does 'Freeze' freeze?


Does the feature “Freeze card temporarily” also freeze direct debits and standing orders from going out?

It would be a useful feature in some circumstances.

(Tom ) #2

Freeze is only for card payments - and doesn’t stop Direct Debits, Faster Payments or Standing Orders.


Thanks, what about credit card continuous payment authority? It would be very useful to be able to cancel them in the app.


Yep, that would be useful, but not from the freeze card button.

Context on CPA:


(Tom ) #5

Yes - freeze will also freeze continuous card payments - but there isn’t currently a way to cancel these individually in-app.

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That only applies to credit cards, I assume. Your Monzo card is a debit card.


You can have CPA’s on debit cards as well

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #8

Fair enough. You live and learn :+1:

(Simon) #9

Yes, but a CPA is a contiuous payment authorisation which can come from any card :wink:

(Tony Hoyle) #10

CPAs can be absolute b*starts to stop because they’re 100% under the authority of the company with the authorisation … I had to terminate a card completely to stop one once… the company involved couldn’t do it, the bank couldn’t do it, and if I replaced the card the CPA transferred to the new one…

I avoid them where possible.


There has been a change recently so that you can cancel a CPA by instructing your bank, but I agree it can still be a hassle.

CPA’s should be avoided as a rule but sometimes they are useful, for example if you use PayPal to buy stuff. PayPal takes the money from your card without you having to give card details to the seller.

Some companies like the AA and RAC use them as a hook to get new customers, they give very cheap first year membership with a CPA, knowing that some customers will not check at renewal time and end up paying very much higher prices for subsequent years. I like to take advantage of these offers but cancel the CPA before the end of the first year :wink:

The problem is that unlike direct debits it can be difficult to get a list of active CPAs from the card issuer. It would be great if Monzo, as a new caring bank, could make this easy to list them and cancel them on the App. :sunglasses:

(Simon) #12

If Monzo can list CPAs and give me a button to cancel them I will be a very happy customer :star_struck:


This has come up a few times and something Monzo plan to implement in future I believe this what @tom said some time ago;


To add on to this question - does freezing the card mess up Android pay? I have seen a couple of posts implying that it does , and I was wondering if this was the case, and how to resolve it if so?


It does mess UP Android Pay. If there are more than one cards on your Android Pay and Monzo is your default when you freeze Monzo default will be changed to other card. This can be cause some issues especially if travelling in London with Android Pay. Always remember to check default card after freezing/unfreeze


I thought the issue was that freezing it in the app also froze it in Android pay, but unfreezing it in the app didn’t unfreeze it in Android pay?


It does unfreeze but won’t automatically set Monzo as default
Android Pay basically suspends card when its froze in app