What do you do?

(Nick Slade) #1

I’ve been on the forums all day and it got me thinking…

What do you all do for a living (minus work for Monzo) that means you can reply to threads and messages all day long?
How do you get away with it and are there any other sites you are active on to this degree?

I work on an IT Support Desk so have the forum open on another tab to check between calls


I work in support too, as a technical engineer. No other sites have me hooked as much as monzo :wink:


Web Developer, so i’ve got lots of tabs open and no one care if I spend time on the forum

(Nick Slade) #4

Multiple tabs on multiple browsers a presume :joy:


Chrome only most the time. I only move to non chrome browsers when people complain it doesn’t work on Safari etc. IE/Edge I refuse to fix most the time unless its massively broken :joy::joy:

(Andre Borie) #6

Python developer, and my excuse for being here is that tests take a while to run. :joy:


Not if you don’t write any tests :wink:

(Nick Slade) #8

When I used to get tickets about a page not working on IE, I used to advise Chrome or Firefox. Much cheaper than developing the page for a browser that even Microsoft have left for dead :joy:


I used to just slap a big modal window on anything below IE 11 which says “Your browser isn’t supported, download chrome (link to chrome)”. Got away with that for ages before people really complained :joy:

(Dawid) #10

Database engineer & data analyst. currently in Colombia finishing my contract for an American SPC

As I also do web dev work on the side, I just remember the times when Safari was still widely used. I hated it. Passionately and repeatedly…

(Andre Borie) #11

I use IE/Edge as a “feature” to pre-screen leads and turn away the unwanted ones, as my target market is usually the creative community who is pretty much always on Mac (and if they do run Windows they’re using Firefox/Chrome anyway).

(Jack - Customer of Monzo) #12

I work as an IT Support Engineer for a construction firm.

As much as it may seem like I’m on here all day :sweat_smile: I tend to just have a quick browse when I’m in between doing various tasks/waiting on stuff. Lots of tabs open lots of stuff to do!

(Rika Raybould) #13

Awwww. :sob:

(Jorge) #14

I recently left my job and went on a “holiday” to Spain to finish my masters dissertation! Moving to London in 2 weeks to resume life as a full-time job seeker :stuck_out_tongue:

(Matthew Jones) #15

I’m a Health Visitor :baby:


I am a legal cashier.

(Phil) #17

:raising_hand_man: Tech/Application Support Engineer reporting.

Many tabs open.
Love the freedom to browse, though spend a lot of time learning tech stuff.


I’m a Civil Engineer… I feel a little out of place here :sweat_smile:

(Will flag Danny for cake) #19

Unemployed :woman_shrugging:


I work for cats, tbh