What are your 'Valentine's Day on a budget' ideas?


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, which means love is in the air! :heart:

Whether you’re spending it with a special someone, or taking the day to appreciate yourself and your close friends, things can get costly. Chocolate, roses, expensive meals - romance doesn’t always come cheap.

But you can still do things on the cheap. A Boots meal deal might not sound like the most romantic idea, but if it means a lot to you, what does it matter?

But we’d love to hear your ideas. What are your tips, tricks, and romantic ideas to have a special day without breaking the bank? :heart:

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We have the cheapest valentine’s plan: we don’t bother.


Done. 25p.



Be single.


Planning on getting to my local M&S Food for about 7:45 when everything is reduced, and will buy myself one of those valentines sausages at yellow label prices, with some luck.

Everyone deserves a valentines sausage if you ask me. :wink:


She’s going to be the lucky recipient of an Aldi ready meal and a bunch of reduced petrol station chrysanthemums. Shh. Don’t say anything, it’s going to be a surprise #MyLuckyNight


I always go Bloom & Wild for this kind of thing.

Quidco it to get some cashback, begrudgingly pay the Valentine’s fee.

Eflorist us giving 30% cashback through Quidco. Bit late to be ordering now though!

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Off to Paris for the weekend. Booked it as it’s the soonest I could take a day off work … completely forgot it was Valentines weekend :sob:

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Do it a day/week early/late. Prices go stupid for it. Your money will go much further!

Keep yourself busy with a free project :joy:

Like being really sad and creating different Monzo card PNG’s for use as custom Slack emojis :see_no_evil:



What colour is that supposed to be? It’s neither lagoon or midnight

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I hoped nobody would mention it!! :sob:

I started with “blue” and just carried on without comparing it to the colours of the real cards :joy:

However, it could be said that I’ve been more efficient by combining two different blues into one emoji :smirk:

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