Date night ideas 💑

(Nick Slade) #1

So my fiance and I want to go on a date night this evening. We don’t get to do much together (busy work and Wedding planning) so really want to make the most of it.

Money is a bit tight due to the upcoming Wedding, so cheap/free is preferable.

I live in Bristol so any ideas that aren’t location specific (or are local to Bristol) would be ideal!

(Andy) #2

Hmm I don’t know if these are cheap enough but what about:

(Nick Slade) #3

I’ve lived in Bristol all my life and never knew these existed!

(Andy) #4

I’m a member of the climbing academy so that’s the only reason I know of it! :smiley:

(Jack) #5

Escape rooms are great! They are dotted all around the UK under different names.

(Emily) #6

You could buy a bottle and sit up by the bridge watching the sunset with a picnic? There’s the pub White Hart I thinkkkk? that has a nice view too, but buying a bottle and chilling out on a picnic blanket would be cheaper :wine_glass:

Alternatively (slightly random but very fun) have a Bake Off together :man_cook:

(Emily) #7

A v random one, but in the chance that you’re Pink Floyd fans: There’s a 360 “audio-visual extravaganza” in a planetarium


If anyone wants to bring me on a date in Bristol then this ^ would be great.

Thanks in advance :sunglasses:

(Nick Slade) #9

This :blue_heart: