Last minute Mother's Day ideas

Asking for ‘someone who isn’t me’…

Say you’d totally forgotten to get your favourite Mum anything for Mother’s Day. What’s a good shout, other than boring chocolates and smelly bath things?

Not that this applies to me or anything.


Go to funky pigeon and get a funny card and maybe one of their gifts. I find mums like something like that. Maybe a bottle of wine too?

Don’t discount the ‘usual stuff’. My Mum loves flowers! She likes that they are there for a while as a reminder.

Does she have a hobby? (my Mum loves a jigsaw)
A favourite tipple (gin!)

Or maybe vouchers for a theatre/afternoon tea etc?

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A book about post consumerism.


Deluxe init coz Mother

Some IOU notes…e.g Mum I owe you lunch, I owe you a decorating afternoon, I owe you an afternoon of odd jobs, I owe you an afternoon together etc etc

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My mum just loves spending time with her children alone (without the wife and kids which is the usual). She has loved doing a course at Bread Ahead with me and this week we’re doing an Icing Workshop at Biscuiteers. Just an excuse to hang out.


Invite her over for tea, make a Roast Dinner, server her some wine, give her some flowers and spend quality time talking about things.


Seconding the idea that the ‘usual stuff’ can often be perfect.

My mum always likes to have flowers in the house, so I’ve gone with some nice blooms, a pretty mug (she loves a good cup of coffee), some chocolate, a fun card and some quality time. :blush:

So I did the same! This is great way to give a last minute gift and if you can stretch to a 12 subscription, it will be the gift that lasts all year!

Monthly cake to your door -

Or chocolates :smile:

I live around the corner from a good flower shop. Every Mothering Sunday Eve I visit :sweat_smile:.

As a mother all I can say is I really hope my kids don’t decide this is the way to go :grin:

Last year I got a subscription to Private eye for a year, and it was awesome (yes my mum chose it for them but still). There’s enough subscription services that there’s bound to be something more personal that shows some thought went into it

I’m gonna get my mum a sub to smol dishwasher tabs :eyes:.

That’s more like it :grin: