What are you saving for?

Random question but I’m curious what is it people are saving for? I know some mind find it personal which I apologise I’m just thinking for some ideas and if you don’t wanna say the exact thing it’s understandable:)

For me I have a date night pot, however it doesn’t have much in as I’m 4EverAlone at this stage in life and don’t have anyone to take on a date, mostly just for when my dreams come true.
I also have a holiday pot, which I’m rounded up in hopefully it’ll treat me well in the future

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I’ve spent about £600 on the new Super Deluxe Edition of Prince’s “Sign O’ The Times” album that’s coming out in September. Amazon won’t charge me until it ships, but the vinyl set at least is set to sell out very quickly.

The vinyl set and CD set is about £400 combined, there’s a ton of new merchandise which I’ve spent about another £100 on, and then there was a limited edition 7" vinyl singles set limited to 1,987 copies which sold out in 1 day on pre-orders so I snapped that up too, that was another £100.

Totally worth it as it’s my favorite album of all time.

I’ve also got a Playstation 5 pot, but not much in that one yet.


Let’s see

Summer holiday to Cheddar
My October weekend break
Christmas gifts
February weekend break
Spring camping trip
Azores holiday
New wireless earbuds
Summer camping
Orkneys holiday
October 2021 break

I think you can see a theme here :sweat_smile:

Prior to COVID, I was saving up for a trip to Disney World. Now the only things on my list are up coming tech releases. iPhone 12, arm macs, potentially Xbox series X.

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I haven’t put anything in my pots as of yet but will be using one pot to try and save up for a car/insurance/tax/MOT, been carless for a while now and really want to have my own car again :see_no_evil:, another pot will be for saving up for a holiday, haven’t got anywhere planned as of yet but would be nice for when I do go somewhere and I can afford it, another pot is just savings for when I need money, and the last one well I’ll be heading back to uni (will be studying at the Open University) so using the last pot for buying stuff for that. Planning on adding money to each pot once I get paid at the end of the month lol.


iPhone, Xbox, double glazing.

All equally exciting!


New iPad Pro. Xbox Series X and a new TV. A year of travelling.

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Eldest goes to uni in 2 years so saving for that and money for uni open days

I want to decorate the house

Oil for winter

Christmas pressies

Dublin for 5 nights over new year.
If we can’t go due to COVID then that money will be added to saving for a 2 week trip to Crete next summer :sweat_smile:

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Mine are

Pets - so vaccinations which happen to be in August and it’s 3 x £99 for them, vet treatment etc, they’re insured but for anything less than around £150 I tend to just pay for it and not claim back, think I’ve only ever claimed 3 times actually one was £1,200 another around £800 and the other approx £500

Birthdays - think that’s self explanatory :rofl: I do have a set limit so once I hit that I stop saving for that one

Driving Lessons - yet to actually learn but thinking of starting towards the back end of this year, no point rushing it for now given there’s a huge backlogs for driving tests.

HGV License - I’ve literally had enough of my office job and need a change so that will be a big shake up for me, at the moment that’s approx 18 months away before I contemplate booking it, mainly because of my pets as sad as it sounds, there’s no point passing tests and then been restricted on what I can do, they’re getting old now and coming up to end of life within the next 2 years, it gives me time to save up properly at least. It’s a fair whack of money as will be going in for Class 1 & 2 so can also drive the one’s with trailers, then there’s ADR training, HIAB & Moffett to go in for. The biggest pot I’ll be saving for at approx £5,000 ish that’s before shopping around just taken rough prices from a few websites obviously be a bit different when I get around to actually booking.

I have a Christmas fund with a credit union which gets monthly payments straight out of my salary and can’t be touched until November so that covers that period at least.

Rainy day I just throw random amounts at that but don’t tend to have too much sat around with that as I put money into my other goals

Nearly forgot my ISA & LISA they’re with MoneyBox


Doesn’t surprise me as, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about you over the years on the forum, you are a little bit of a Prince fan!

And you’re getting vinyl too, which is my generation lol.

Enjoy it all when it arrives mate :+1:

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Mine is a deposit and rent pot that I’ve put aside in the event I suddenly have to find a place to rent sharpish. (Thousands put aside, which sounds a lot but in London not so much). Everything else is with moneybox due to the better rates of growth.


Unfortunately my budget will never stretch quite this far…


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Would you actually open it or more for display purposes? Maybe if it’s for display can you not get like a 1:1 prop I know it’s not the same feeling but it’ll still look cool

Dang! K-pop addictions are bad enough for bank balances, but that’s on a whole other level. :exploding_head:

There’s been reissues - it finally saw an official release in 1994, 7 years after it was originally supposed to come out. The original pressings are super rare because Prince ordered every copy to be destroyed as they were on trucks ready to go to stores. A handful survived, of which the above is one, and of those handful, having a sealed one is even rarer. It’s basically the holy grail for Prince collectors. But unless you’re a millionaire it’s very unlikely you’ll ever get your hands on one!

But yeah, I definitely would never open it haha.

Indeed. A couple of years ago one became the highest priced item ever sold on Discogs!

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Survival fund…

Both self employed so have to be careful… we try to aim for one year of salary each in the business accounts and six months of net income in personal savings should we need it.

Everything else above this goes towards reducing any owing capital.


I actually altered my savings plans today and have stopped paying into my LISA for now, given that most mortgages now need a bigger deposit it makes no sense for me to carry on putting money into a LISA at least for a while.

That money which went monthly into the LISA will now speed up the progress of me getting my driver’s license and then HGV