What are your saving goals?

Hey everyone! :wave:

This week, we’d like to know…

What are you saving up for at the moment?


It could be a new car, a holiday, a house - or something else entirely. We’d love to hear from you!

(And remember, you can set goals for Pots now to help keep your savings on target!)

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The big stuff I’m not too sure about because the money is in the joint account which currently doesn’t have pots :sunglasses:

In my personal account I’m saving for a new phone :grinning: and car servicing/MOT/insurance :disappointed:

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Final payment on my car

I am using my pot for my tattoo fund :heart:


I just emptied out my iPhone pot that I’d been squirrelling away a few hundred a month to spread the cost of my upgrade (not enough as it turns out :anguished:)

My only other pot is a monthly scheduled deposit to spread the cost of annual bills like car insurance.

Christmas and to get out of debt.

Also start planning gifts and money for Christmas in September, eases the stress closer to the time.

Debt, basically any left over money in my savings pot at the end of the month is going on credit cards to try and pay them off earlier.

After that…a nice family holiday :slight_smile:

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  • Holiday
  • Tech purchases
  • Christmas presents
  • emergencies

And a few other pots for some other random things.

I have my current ‘wish farm’ going in YNAB for:

  • Tumble dryer
  • Shoes for work
  • Engagement ring :ring:
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My 40th Birthday :gift: next April. Have already booked to go on the British Pullman for the actual day where I’m having brunch and afternoon tea. :birthday:. Also planning on a chateau stay. :european_castle:

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a house :scream::house_with_garden:

I have about 5.5k in (L)ISA so far I think. so far to go.

also save up for Christmas spending


A house, have been saving ever since my first job at 16 (so about 5 years now, 3 of which were part time work and the last 2 full time work)

A sailing boat and Christmas. :sailboat::christmas_tree:

House via a LISA

My aim is in about 5 years to say bye bye to London and to buy a flat/house in Manchester. I’ve got a Help to Buy ISA (shockingly at 4.25%).

I’ve just moved house so I’m kinda having a poor couple of months but I’ll just keep going and keep saving however I’ve managed to keep my ISA savings every month (£200) and without a break.


We’re just trying to stick within our income and stop eating into our savings constantly.

Who knew a house, wife and kids were so expensive?! :man_shrugging:t4:


Awww I’d love to remember what saving was like…let’s wait till the nursery fees disappear then I might save for a holiday :joy:

Saving for a house … I’m doing intermediate renting (which means they charge 25% less rent that you’d normally pay) and your supposed to save that. Got 5 years to do it as that is the max you can stay in this place.

Other than that - all my families birthdays are at end of Sep and Oct so saving for those and Christmas presents :slight_smile:

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