What are you most proud of doing in 2018?

As per the title, can’t make it any more clear than that! :grinning:

Would love to hear about all your successes in 2018. Work, personal, hobby… Let’s start the new year off right by celebrating all of our wins in 2018.

For me…

  • I gave a talk at the University of Minnesota. About Prince. In Minneapolis, which is his home city. It was amazing and also terrifying but I think I did a good job. It was centred around both music and grief, so there were some tears in the audience by the end. I hope it was cathartic for the audience, it certainly was for me. :mortar_board:

  • I also got given complimentary VIP passes to his studio complex, Paisley Park, for the annual celebration of his life and career. It’s now a museum to him (think Graceland, it’s run by the same people actually!) and this was also my first time visiting there - I was never able to visit there when he was alive, sadly, as it wasn’t often open to the public, and when it was, it was typically announced only a day or two beforehand. It’s an incredible place. Like going to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, but for music.

  • I made two viral tweets! The bigger one hit over 10,000 retweets and 20,000 likes. I was pretty pleased with that one.

  • Getting picked to go and set up our Vegas office was pretty special. I was really proud of being part of that, and I feel a lot of pride over how well the team are doing now.

How about you all? :grinning:


Delivered my own baby at home (wasn’t the plan) - Everything went well, and she’s happy and healthy :smiley:

Called her Monzo.

Kidding :wink:


Wow!!! That’s incredible! Congratulations Nick.

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Moved to Malaysia to Study Property Investment. Best decision I have ever made, managed to visit so many countries in south east Asia and flying back out this month to continue… :raised_hands:t2::dizzy:.

  1. I spoke in-front of real life actual people a ‘few’ times about things that I am passionate about, and somehow didn’t mess up too badly!
  2. I made it past most paydays with money left in my bank account :wink:

Wow! What’s Malaysia like? Whereabouts specifically?

It has been a boring year. I guess my proudest moment was offering my resignation at my old work so an apprentice and two part timers could keep their jobs instead of me. The missus wasn’t as proud…

I went back to working for my dad to pay the bills, swallowed some pride (been away ten years). Rewrote their bonus scheme after hearing complaints it was unfair (spoiler: it was), now everyone gets the same amount of bonus, from the Directors to the cleaners and it’s based on two fold performance, revolving around sales and manufacturing working for each other.

Lots of people shocked at Xmas with how much they got after a good year. I’m proud to have been part of that.


Honestly, Its Amazing. The people out there are so friendly and welcoming! I study in Johor, its about 20 mins from Singapore.

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Wow, Love this - Some inspirational work you have done this year!!

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Nothing glamorous… but managed to finish all those wee jobs that I had put off for a long time and get my flat on the market & sold in 9 days!

7 weeks on Friday and house here we come (hopefully…)


What was everyone’s highlight of 2018

Hi @anon67583189,

I’ve moved your post here to join a similar thread. Hope that’s ok :slightly_smiling_face: .

What was yours?

Mine was Seeing My Kids Happy

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I am literally innunadated with those sort of jobs.

I just cba.

Maybe my New Year’s Resolution should be to do them…

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Keeping going. Wasn’t the easiest year but I made it through.
Sometimes you have to celebrate the little victories


A whole year living abroad: Peru, Colombia, US, doing international contracts with non-profit organisations. I quit my cozy job in 2017 and 2018 was the first full year to live as I want. It was difficult but I am so proud of it. Not only learnt how to save money but stop buying things, save water and food, be more conscious when it comes to shopping and using any kind of resources…


Definitely when I worked at Monzo and did all of those merchant reviews! I saw the amount I did on my last day and I am proud. :hot_coral_heart:


Welcoming child three into the world and seeing her older brothers fall in love with her and try to help look after her. Watching them play with her and try to involve her even though she can’t really join in yet is great.
I feel really lucky to have them.


I’m proud of my son for all his hard work and not giving up with his swimming or reading (soppy I know).

And for me not giving up and getting my bench press up to 105kg!