What are we working on? The Monzo Weekly Diary

(Tom Morgan) #123

Just to be clear here I’m not about to launch into a sales or consulting pitch. :smile: it’s actually more geeky than that! With the teams open approach on the forums and the feeling that mondo create for its customers that we are all part of the journey I actually, perhaps sadly, care about the way it’s run from the inside out. It’s not hard to buy into such a great concept/existing product. My concern for Mondo is that as scale becomes an issue this feeling may get lost without strong tools in place to enable it’s team to provide this level of service to the masses.

(Matt Heath) #124

Thanks @tapas! :smile:

Hi everyone! :raising_hand: I’m Matt, and I work on our engineering team :nut_and_bolt: :tools: on our backend systems and infrastructure. Last time I did one of these :clock: I was working on some of our Merchant Enrichment services :convenience_store: but one of the best things about working at Mondo is the crazy variety of things I get to do! :dancer: Recently I’ve been working with @oliver and @simon on making our Go microservice platform more stable and scalable, so we can really start to ramp things up as we get closer to becoming a full licensed bank! :bank: :moneybag:

@oliver mentioned this in his recent diary entry but I’ve been looking at replacing NSQ which we use as our asynchronous queueing and messaging system with a different piece of software called Kafka :memo:. They’re both pretty awesome, but in our case we want some of the stronger delivery guarantees :love_letter: which Kafka gives us :muscle: allowing us to tolerate the weird and wonderful types of failures that can happen in a large, cloud-native, distributed system! :cloud::cloud_with_lightning: :fire: :fire_engine: :sweat_drops: :nerd_face: :tada:

In the meantime, we’ve been finishing off testing our new infrastructure running Docker on Kubernetes :whale: (which replaces Mesos and Marathon :running_man::dash:) and we’re finally about to make the move over! :rocket: Don’t worry though, you hopefully (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) won’t ever know this has happened - we design our systems to avoid single points of failure, so we can make upgrades without ever turning Mondo off for maintenance :heart:

Finally @hugo’s strategy of tempting people to follow him on Twitter appears to be working, and he’s dangerously close to overtaking me, so I’m going to take this shameless opportunity to advertise a twitter feed full of Go, distributed systems :hammer_and_wrench: and excellent brunch :egg: right over :point_right: here :wink:

Next up, let’s see what @_Ed has been up to! :wave:

(Hugo Cornejo) #125

You’re right, you should all follow @matt on Twitter, this is the link.

(Matt Heath) #126

Touché @hugo, touché :wink:

(Ed) #127

Seem’s it’s my turn again :grin:

As Mondo’s front-end developer I am mainly working on our internal tools to support our amazing operations and customer support staff in their day-to-day work :tools: . It also means that I can work on some of the coolest tech out there :nerd:

Recently, I finished the migration of one of our existing tools to a React/Redux based architecture. Working on these tools means that not only can I play with all the cool tech, but also that I’m able to create a front-end architecture that will be able to support a large variety of tools. Two of the main design goals are to maintain a high flexibility so we can adapt our tools to changed circumstances quickly and to achieve a high developer productivity.

In addition to that we think it is important to give our internal tools some of @hugo’s love, too, so we can deliver a great user experience for our staff, who use these tools on a daily base :hearts::grin:

Next up, I nominate @dimitri :upside_down:


@eyestwice That wasn’t a bank being ‘fun’. That was just an awesome employee being completely open about what he was doing lately. And since :mondo: is still in beta, a lot of people really love that they are very open and transparent. If you don’t like this, then perhaps a forum is not the right place for you.

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(Bailey Kursar) #134

(Tom - Alpha) #135

Interesting that a couple of less-than-polite posts have disappeared. Luckily there’s not many - or not that I’ve noticed.

Do you have to moderate a lot?

(Bailey Kursar) #136

No, it’s really rare - our community is lovely! :heart_eyes:

(Tom - Alpha) #137

Good to hear!
Or should I say

(Paddy) #138

My wife and I are looking forward to hear Tom’s presentation at the Honey Innovators presentation on Friday morning …

(Paddy) #139

This is the link to the presentation


(Josh Bray) #140

It should ‘bee’ an interesting read. :joy::joy:

(Dimitri Masin) #141

Thanks @Ede. And sorry for being 2d late, @tristan was chasing me around the office already :runner:

This week I was looking at the impact of the new release 1.5.3 on app and different features usage. The release was all about onboarding users better and making them aware of app-features gradually as they become more familiar with the product. Early numbers indicate that more people discover the search functionality for them and try P2P at least once. In addition we saw a dip in % of people who signup to the waiting list after they’ve installed the app because we’re trying to be a lot more upfront about the £100 load that users will need to do, which hopefully will also reduce the number of negative initial topup related reviews on the app store.

The rest of the time I was working on building a tensorflow machine learning model to detect fraudulent transactions which should hopefully reduce the number of false positive alerts over time and result in a better user experience with Mondo.

Next up is @Patrick :grinning:

(patrick) #142

Thanks @dimitri! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted here!

The work continues on completing the work that is necessary for us to receive our banking licence as well as to prepare our operations to be able to support new requirements when we do get that license. Lately I’ve been working on linking up our policies and procedures with measures to ensure all is working well at go live and I’ve been working with our operations team on ensuring we are able to handle the demand of a growing customer base. In terms of the license preparation activities everything is ok track and we are getting much closer to our objective every week! :mondo:

In Operations we already handle thousands of live interactions on a weekly basis and we are providing responses typically within a few minutes regardless of the time of day! We are very proud of this as it makes our customers very :smile: to get a great service very quickly! It is very rewarding to see customers happy with our support as well as so enthusiastic about contributing to our designs!

Hope you all have a great day!

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(Priyesh Patel) #143

Thanks @Patrick!

Hello everyone :wave:! I’m Priyesh, and I joined the :mondo: team yesterday as a backend engineer! :tada:

I’ll be spending this week on-boarding and familiarising myself with Mondo’s stack. I’m working alongside the floating engineer (@dom) fixing high-priority bugs :bug: , and responding to any queries from the customer support and operations teams. (See @rdingwall’s post about interrupt-driven work.)

All new joiners also spend some time during their first few weeks doing customer support. This is a great way to learn about the product and how we can improve it further! As a result I’ll be spending afternoons this week answering questions from our in-app chat. Hopefully I’ll meet some of you on there! :iphone:

Next up I nominate @tom!

(Andy Smart) #144

Thanks @priyesh !

I’m not Tom :no_entry_sign: sorry to disappoint you all.

Been a while since I posted here, but I’m Andy and I’m an engineer on the iOS team :iphone:. In true @hugo fashion, you can follow me on Twitter if you’d like.

This week, I’m spinning a few plates while @james is away on holiday :cocktail:.

We’re preparing another update for you all with some fun changes for anyone currently on the waiting list, and some tweaks to the way top-ups work, so some users won’t have to keep re-entering their card details :credit_card: .

Aside from that, I’m handling the interrupt-driven iOS work this week, so @jgarnham can work on the real fun stuff. I work remotely most of the time, so it’s easier for me to avoid interruptions than most :wink:

Let’s hear from @Yehudi next :tada:

(Yehudi Asamoah) #145

Thanks @Andy!

Last time I posted here it was May, and I was battling hay fever whilst supporting and solving problems for our brilliant customers.

I’m still supporting customers and solving problems, although I’m now pleased to announce that hay fever season is officially over for me, which means that my colleagues, fortunately, no longer need to endure a constant symphony of sniffles and sneezes :speak_no_evil:

In addition to customer support, I’ve recently started running day-to-day card operations. The waiting list continues to grow :tada: and we are still sending out hundreds of cards each day, so it’s really important that we maintain a steady volume to ensure that people aren’t stuck on the waiting list for too long. We are doing everything we can to distribute cards with speed and efficiency :+1:

Sometimes, it’s difficult to grasp just how many people are receiving Mondo cards each day - it is really, really exciting. Our engineering, design and product teams continue to work hard on developing a fantastic banking app whilst the wider team are working hard on developing a fantastic banking experience. It’s exciting to think that each person that receives their card will receive a glimpse of what modern banking should, and will look like.

Right, in the spirit of Pokémon Go, @Ole, I choose you!

(ole) #146

Thanks @Yehudi!

As you probably have seen already, we received some great news​:postbox: on Wednesday in the form of a banking license. After much celebration :tada: and a few too many :cocktail::wine_glass::beer: it is back to work but now for a bank! :tophat:

So what’s going on in Product? @tristan has officially taken over as Product Manager for Android (I am sure, he’ll give an update on that soon). On iOS, we are doing final testing of Travel reports :airplane:️ (Probably the longest awaited feature we’ve had so far (we’ve been talking about it for a loooong time :slight_smile: - but now it is (almost) here!).

We have also started user testing a new budgeting feature. Budgeting is something everybody struggles with so we really want to get it right :dart:. We have a good starting point. User testing highlighted a few areas that can be improved but hopefully, we’ll soon have something to share.

Finally, we are working on another thing we’ve been talking about for some time but now it is getting close… So watch this space! :eyes:

Next, I nominate @emma_mondo.

Have a great weekend! :sunny:

Travel reports