What are we working on? The Monzo Weekly Diary

(Thomas George) #83

Thanks James – I’ll take a look sounds interesting !

(Hugo Cornejo) #84

Hi there :wave: Thanks @thomasageorge !

First things first, follow me on Twitter. My ego is way too strong to miss this opportunity to fool a few more victims into following me. Worst part is that I don’t even tweet interesting stuff :slight_smile:

What I’m working on? A few things:

  1. Helping @bailey to review all the lovely names we’ve been getting. It’s a really exciting and exhausting process. For every potential name we need to check trademarks and general availability, test with real people to get a bit of useful data, etc.

  2. Improve the waiting list experience. We know it’s a bit frustrating to wait for a card so we’re trying to give users useful content and better ways to get their cards quickly. @sam and @tristan have done an amazing job on it, you’ll see it soon.

  3. Budgeting. This is a big one because it impacts tons of structural parts of the app (both as prepaid and by the time we’re a full bank). I’m working with @zancler to define the master interactions (navigation, notifications, etc.), redefine a few concepts and build prototypes to start testing with users. We’ll share a sneak peek as soon as we have something a bit consistent.

On top of that I’ve been spending some time to define better processes on the way we work and the tools we use, but I don’t want to bore you with all that :sunglasses:

I’m now going to nominate @simon (he can tell us about VR and other mindblowing stuff).

(simon) #85

task add Do Mondo Daily Diary wait:tomorrow due:tomorrow
(I’m a command line junkie, if you also live in tmux, checkout taskwarrior.org to see what the above means.)

(Danny Smith) #86

Please do! I’de love to hear more about your design process and tooling.

I’d be massively interested in this, too :nerd:

(simon) #87

My turn again…

So for the last few weeks i’ve been working with @matt and @oliver on moving our infrastructure over from Mesos/Marathon to Kubernetes and CoreOS. We’ve learned a lot, and we think we’re about ready to switch the rest of our developer colleagues over to using the new environments for staging.

For the last week we’ve also had a HTC Vive virtual reality headset in the office, combined with my gaming PC i brought from home, we’ve had it in pretty much constant use while the entire team had goes various things.
Most popular: Longbow (Part of the The LAB), and the Apollo VR experience. :sunglasses:

I nominate @rdingwall :slight_smile:

(not related to Monzo CEO) #88

Is that a BBQ in the background?

(simon) #89

Yep, we’ve had a couple of lovely BBQs before the British weather decided that summer was totally over rated…

(Andrew Ross) #90

The local Barclays near us has an Xbox room and gym (https://mobile.twitter.com/RudheathPrimary/status/742664400755167232)- BBQ and VR sounds so much better!

(not related to Monzo CEO) #91

It’s times like these I regret being an NHS worker.

(Richard Dingwall ) #92

Hi everyone! :wave: My name is Richard, I’m a backend engineer at Mondo. :mondo:

This week I am floating engineer. What does that mean?

Across our technology teams, we generally have two types of work:

  • flow-driven work, e.g. working on cool new product features :star:
  • interrupt-driven work, e.g. responding to urgent bugs or customer support :fire:

Flow work requires a great deal of focus and concentration. In order for people to excel and do their best work, we try to avoid interrupting them unless there is something really important.

The impact of interruptions on concentration are well-understood:

An interrupted task is estimated to take twice as long and contain twice as many errors as uninterrupted tasks

A programmer takes between 10-15 minutes to start editing code after resuming work from an interruption.

(If you prefer pictures, here’s what happens to an engineer when you interrupt them: ;))


To reduce the cost of these interruptions, one person is nominated as a floating engineer. His or her job is to insulate the other engineers from the various interruptions which inevitably arise throughout the day, so everyone else can focus on their work.

Here’s a sample of a few of the things I’ve been working on this week:

  1. A bug where some merchant’s refunds would appear twice in your feed e.g. Bet 365 (because they send a credit authorisation before a presentment) :beetle:
  2. Adding an ability for us to track cards which get lost in the mail :credit_card: :mailbox_with_no_mail:
  3. An data report so @tristan can contact customers who have registered for the waiting list but never downloaded the app :iphone:
  4. Improving the internal tool we use to apply bank transfer topups :moneybag:
  5. Coordinating communication and managing the Mondo status page during today’s CloudFlare incident :rotating_light:
  6. Checking our error reporting tools and triaging any new bugs :bug:
  7. Fixing bugs and timeouts on our internal dashboards :zzz:
  8. A data report for @bailey for everyone who sent in suggestions for new names :baby:
  9. Helping out with customer support issues :telephone_receiver:

As well as a bunch of more technical behind-the-scenes stuff to keep everything operating smoothly! :wrench:

(Richard Dingwall ) #93

I nominate @bailey next! :pencil2: :grinning:

(Bailey Kursar) #94

Thanks @rdingwall! And sorry I’m a day late… :speak_no_evil:

What have I been working on?

Well. We’re almost two weeks into choosing a new name (not heard? we’re changing our name!) and so that’s been a pretty unique project to work on. I just published a blog post all about it, in fact, so you can read up on the process there if you’re interested.

In a nutshell, we’ve spent time reviewing all the 4,500 unique name ideas, then we did some user testing on the shortlist. Currently we’re working with a team of lawyers to work out if the names we like are OK to trade mark.

Apart from the name change, I’m working on a few other things…

  • Working with students to bring Mondo to campuses in September (we’re hosting our first student workshop on Saturday) :mortar_board:
  • Hiring a Community Manager (we’ve had a few interviews this week)
  • Improving our adverts on Facebook (have you spotted them?)

We’re also doing some work this week on our plan for Q3 (yep, it’s July soon!), which may (or may not) include some Android launch stuff… :robot:

And with that, I think it’s time to welcome the newest member of the team, @joluet, who is eagerly working away on that Android app :hugs: :hourglass_flowing_sand:

(Jonas Luthke) #95

Dear Mondo community,

my name is Jonas and I joined Mondo this week as their first Android engineer. It’s been some quite exciting first couple of days. :smiley:
Obviously, I started working on the Mondo Android app immediately. We want to release a few basic features for users that already have a Mondo card in our public beta channel by beginning of July.
Initially, we’re gonna test this beta version with Mondo users that have switched from an iPhone to Android.
Also, we’ll invite people with Android devices to our office soon, so they can get a card and start using the app.
From there we’ll keep adding more features in quick iterations.

The main things that I’ve worked this week on are:

  • A home screen that shows your transaction feed
  • The support chat integration

It was a great first week and I’m looking forward to the next.

Have a good weekend all!

I nominate @zancler next!

(Zander) #96

Danke @joluet :mondo:

Afternoon all, pretty cool we have an Android engineer now rite?

Today I’m working on our KYC (Know :star2: Your :star2: Customer) / account verification flow. Some of you may have been through the process already :sunglasses:

We released the first version of this about a month back, and while that solution works, it still lacks polish. I returned somewhat jetlagged from a trip to NYC last week and have been working on it since, and despite realising this morning I lost almost the entirety of my Friday’s work (the design team switched our syncing system and because @zancler’s an idiot he didn’t make a backup of his file :floppy_disk:), I reckon everything should be finished by the end of the day.

Also, as the proud owner of the World’s Pettiest Designer title, I dedicate a bit of time each day to cleaning up our files and refactoring them to @1x. Despite making up for Friday’s lost work, I should have an hour or so today to push on with this. If there’s one thing I love, it’s clean .sketch files.

I nominate @Sam. Double dose of design. 'Til next time :peace:

(James Billingham) #97

Did you dump the selfie video thing in the KYC? I tested that and was super uncomfortable with it.

(scotty) #98

A selife video for KYC?!? That sounds utterly terrifying!

(James Billingham) #99

Yeah, it plays the video back to you out loud too. You have to speak a sentence about being a Mondonaut, etc.

I can’t imagine anyone but the most die-hard fan boys enjoying this.

(Tristan Thomas) #100

Yeah, we’re working on a new version of that :slight_smile:

(Samuel Michael) #101

Cheers @zancler

Hey peeps :wave: for the past couple of weeks I have been creating new illustrations & animations. These are intended to help new users get to grips with all the different features Mondo has to offer.

Today i have been focused on the welcome screen and initial set of screens you will see when opening the app for the first time. Heres a little sneaky peak of one of these animations.

(edit) @Maria your up next! :slight_smile:

(Maria) #102

Hi all :wave: I’m a little late - I wrote this yesterday but didn’t get time to post before we headed out for our social (:mag: :runner: :spy: :+1: :wine_glass:)

I’m responsible for all things people-related and office-related here, as well as a little bit of finance, general admin, and anything else that needs doing.

It feels like no time has passed since I last wrote this back in early May, but we’ve had 8 new joiners since then across customer support, regulation and engineering - the team’s growing quickly! :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Yesterday I was busy with customer support hiring: two on-site interviews, a couple of initial phone calls, as well as reviewing lots of take-home tasks for various regulatory roles, and a little bit of scheduling for future interviews.

Our hiring process here is split into several stages:

  1. At application, we ask for a CV as well as a paragraph in answer to several questions; these questions help us ensure we’re considering each application on consistent criteria.
  2. The next step is a short initial phone call, usually with me, which covers some general background questions (to understand the person’s story and background, as well as why they’re interested in Mondo) and some job-specific questions which touch on each of the things we view as important to the role. I particularly enjoy the part at the end when applicants ask me all their questions about the company, the culture here, the team and the role itself :heart_eyes:
  3. After that we send a short take-home task, related to the role itself, which usually takes 1-3 hours. This helps us from biasing towards people who are good as thinking on their feed over people who prefer to reflect before making a decision.
  4. The final stage is where we invite applicants to our office for an interview split in two parts - one to talk about the job itself and the key traits and characteristics; and a second session to find out more about them as a person, their expectations for the role, their career aspirations, and check that the ways they prefer to work fit with how we work here so we can be sure they have a good chance of thriving in the culture we’re growing :+1:
  5. And then, finally, references and chatting with the rest of the team in a relaxed context - usually over lunch :sushi:

I’ve also been writing a job ad for an Office Manager (coming super soon!), rearranging our office social area, getting myself set up so that I can edit our careers page as we’re migrating to a new applicant tracking system, and we had a really interesting security briefing yesterday.

Up next: @natasha