What are we working on? The Monzo Weekly Diary

(Saveen) #214

Just noticed it has been 13 days since the last team post.


I would imagine the guys are very busy, but it would be grand to get this thread going again. Was always great to get the inside scoop!

(Rika Raybould) #216

I just spotted that somewhere along the line, this became weekly instead of daily. :astonished:

Perhaps we could ask that every new employee makes at least one post here once they’re settled in? According to the living wage blog post, there’s a new person joining nearly every week but it’s generally the same few from the team posting here!

(Naji Esiri) #217


Agreed :+1: This will help keep things fresh on the daily diary :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll be encouraging updates from new team members more, especially as the team diversifies and new roles emerge!

(Rika Raybould) #218

Just saw this post on Facebook, is it replacing this thread or…?

(Ben Green) #219

I’m wondering what the follower count is on Facebook is compared to the number of regular community users? It makes sense to post there as well as - more first-hand market reach plus the power of social media to reach even further.

(Josh Bray) #220

I still like the forum over facebook, its nice to be able to get a more personal view of whats going on. I mean thats one of the best things I like about the support, you get to see the actual person dealing with it .

(Naji Esiri) #221

@RichardR Hey Richard! No this isn’t replacing the WAWWO thread! It’s a new weekly update post I’m trying out, with a brief and light hearted overview of what we have lined up for the week as a team. It’s inspired by the brilliant e-mails we get from Tara our Office Manager, which brighten up our Monday mornings without fail.

Even though it’s fairly brief, is this something you’d like to see replicated on the forum?

(Rika Raybould) #222

Good to hear. Certainly, I personally prefer the personal touch of hearing nuggets of inside information directly from the people working on it.

I’d be disappointed if those Facebook posts replaced this thread but as an addition, there are some cool things in it such as who has joined, notifying about the last day on free shipping from the shop and what the office social is (I always wondered what you all did for that!).

(Naji Esiri) #223

Sure, I don’t think we’d ever want the Weekly Update posts to replace this thread. I see them as more of a light summary, whereas the posts in this thread offer more detailed insight into what projects people are working on, both short term and ongoing.

(Tristan Thomas) #224

Hello! :wave: I’m told this is now a weekly update thread and I’m first :slight_smile: So here goes…

This week, I’m working on getting version 1.3.0 of the Android app out the door and on to the beta channel with @emmag and @ivan. We’re just finishing up the last few tasks so looking good for mid-week :tada: This will only go to the beta channel and then we’re following up with 1.3.1 ASAP after which completes the feature and we can launch to everyone. I’ll write a bit more about this later in the week — it’s so we can ship as quickly as possible and test it out with real users. Payments and contacts for everyone! :money_with_wings:

On Thursday, we have user testing where we get a bunch of lovely people in to the office to show them a new feature and watch them try to use it. It’s incredibly helpful to ensure we’re building something people can actually use! This week, we’re testing a form of bill splitting so fingers crossed it’ll go well :slight_smile: I’ll be booking people for that today (I’m running a bit behind).

We’re also launching Monzo.me this week, as previewed by the wonderful @hugo earlier on. Testflight first and then full launch later this week (hopefully), so I’m halfway through writing the launch blog post and various other bits of info for that.

Looking through my calendar, other bits going on this week are 4 interviews for different positions: backend engineers, Android engineers and operations, so that’s always interesting. I’ve also got 1:1s booked with lovely people like @emma_mondo, @leah and @ole, as well as some newer faces here like @kieranmch and @valerio :slight_smile: I also need to write some new copy for some of the features we’re building for version 1.9.1 on iOS (like being able to see your PIN in the app rather than having to contact customer support :wink: ) And we’re going ice skating on Wednesday! :ice_skate:

That’s it! It’s pretty chilly this week and I’ve just moved on to a canalboat, so I’m currently trying to find more coal and kindling to keep us going. I’m also told by @hugo that I should put my Twitter username here so that everyone follows me so: Follow me at @trstnthms. I’ve got a long way to go to beat his follower number though!

I nominate @oliver for next week because he’s doing some pretty interesting stuff… :wink:

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(Alex Sherwood) #225

Following -

(doutatsu) #226

Sad to see there have been no updates for so long… It’s not even a Monthly Dairy anymore :pensive:

(Alex Sherwood) #227

Me too…most of the updates are still being shared, in the weekly updates on Facebook

& in the new monthly newsletter that’s mentioned in that Facebook post.

But it was really interesting to see what the team’s day to day work looked like & to have some more detail about some of the projects that’re being worked on :slight_frown:

(james_e_bell) #228

I agree the daily diary had a personal touch and insight - would prefer that to more polished external diaries

(Tristan Thomas) #229

Totally agree :slight_smile: We’re making some changes internally right now and hopefully you’ll all start to see changes externally over the next few weeks…

(Tristan Thomas) #230

And sorry that the ball has been dropped here

(doutatsu) #231

I didn’t know about Facebook updates, will like the page straight away! But would still love to see more here, thanks for heads up @tristan

(Zainab Khan) #235

We’re going to get this thread started again - check out @Oliver’s weekly update in The Monzo Weekly Diary 2.0. :tada:

(Zainab Khan) closed #236